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  1. Tough call because I wasn't real impressed with Dalton but he did target Lamb. Freeman is getting the carries but Philly is tough against the run. It is a must win to stay in the chase for the title.
  2. In a touch spot with byes and injuries. How do you like best? Freeman who is getting most of the touches for Scott. I was burned by Scott earlier in the year but he looked pretty good last week. This is 1/2ppr
  3. In a must win situation I need to start one of these players at the flex: Jefferson vs Falcons - was burned last and cost me win Freeman vs Washington Chark vs Detroit - is Questionable and has not practiced Edmonds vs Cowboys - great matchup but sharing carries.
  4. gitrdun

    Jefferson or Thomas

    I have until tonights game between Seahawks and Vikings to make the decision. I really want Thomas in the lineup but cannot take a late "out" call on Monday. What would you all do?
  5. gitrdun

    Michael Thomas update???

    Any news from Saints homers? I am facing a crucial game and must go with Justin Jefferson (not a bad option, but no Thomas) if Thomas is not a go. Very fearful gambling on Thomas playing and being stuck on Monday night if he doesn't play.
  6. MY 2 starting wrs are Chark and Evans. Michael Thomas is a no brainer if he plays. My options are: Lamb vs Giants - good matchup Jefferson @ Seahawks - good matchup D. Harris vs Broncos - so/so matchup Also need to pick from Brees and Herbert on Monday night. Thanks guys
  7. Lamb vs Browns Scantling vs Falcons Jefferson @ Houston Chark @ Cin. Really need to get Thomas back. I really need a win . Help is appreciated.
  8. gitrdun

    Leonard Fournette vs the World

    I vote for weepaws, as I sit patiently with Fuornette on my bench. I really need him as my team has suffered injuries and I am 0-3.
  9. gitrdun

    Flex help needed in ppr

    Super flex league, I am all ready stating Burrrows as the 2nd qb and boyd in a wr position so here are my options: AJ Green vs Jags - decent match up but worried about too many bengals in the line up. Josh Kelley at Tampa - Trusted him last and he let me down Rex Burkhead at KC - I have been burned many times by Belicheck by playing the hot rb and then he doesn't give him touches. Freeman at Rams - Not sure of his touches, they will probably fall behind early and need to pass. My team is normally a little better than this but Godwin is hurt and Henry is now on bye. please help nothing on the wirer
  10. gitrdun

    Carson in or out

    Any inside info on if Carson will play this week. I have 1st choice at getting Hyde but do not want to waste a pickup if Carson is playing.
  11. gitrdun

    Brees or Burrow

    My thinking also. Thanks!
  12. gitrdun

    Brees or Burrow

    I am thinking of staying with Brees since it is a primetime at home game. Although, Burrows has been hot. Help me please!
  13. gitrdun

    Pick 1 for the Flex .5ppr

    I like Kelley. I really think the back in SF will be Wilson
  14. gitrdun

    Need quick advice on qb this week

    That is what I needed. Thanks Axe
  15. gitrdun

    Need quick advice on qb this week

    I only have few minutes left to pick up Fitz