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  1. gitrdun

    2021 NFL Schedule Release

    I thought the Cowboys were going to play the Chiefs in KC, but do not see it. They play everyone else in the AFC West. I live in Kansas and was really looking for to it.
  2. I can pick him up off waivers in my ppr league and play him in my flex. My other options are? Hilton vs Jags Gallman vs Cowboys I have a gut feeling with Alex Smith as qb, he may be the best play.
  3. Hurts vs Washington Herbert @ Chiefs - Chiefs will be playing backups. Also a flex question in 1/2 ppr league Gallman vs Cowboys - Must win situation for the Giants Fournette vs Falcons - TB might pull starters early Hilton vs Jags - must win situation with Indy
  4. Logan Thomas vs Panthers Gage vs Chiefs PPR league
  5. gitrdun

    Herbert or Hurts

    Hurts has a nice match up with Dallas and Herbert plays Denver
  6. gitrdun

    Week 15 F.U playoff edition

    Henry. I know he gets his numbers, but why does he not get the ball everytime inside the 3 yard line. Tannehill has got more 1-3 yard td passes and runs. They ride Henry to the goal line but let someone else score. Pisses me off as now I am playing for 3rd next week.
  7. gitrdun

    Flex question for week 15

    I just picked up Agholor vs the Chargers and also Tyron Johnson vs the Raiders. To add to the decision with Lockett, DJ, or Landry? Johnson should get a lot of looks with Allen and Williams possibly out. Thoughts
  8. gitrdun

    Flex question for week 15

    I actually can play 2 players from that list. sorry!
  9. gitrdun

    Flex question for week 15

    PPR League and also get 1/4 per carry. I need one. Lockett @ Washington - has done much in several weeks but has a great qb D. Johnson @ Colts - Landry @ Giants - has been hot Gage vs TB - If Julio sits his value is good Appreciate any help.
  10. gitrdun

    Week 15 QB

    Herbert without any hesitation
  11. Very afraid of Duke, Gurley scares me because didn't get many touches last week or Landry who is hot but going against Baltimore.
  12. gitrdun

    week 14 flex play in ppr

    Thanks. I need to forget the projection points because Gurley is the highest of the group. But I don't see it.
  13. gitrdun

    week 14 flex play in ppr

    Gurley @ Chargers Landry vs Ravens (been hot but Cleveland weather you never know) David Johnson @ Bears Booker @ Colts - he let me down big last week. I need one. Thanks
  14. gitrdun

    Week 13 FU thread

    Herbert cost me huge in my 2 money leagues. He has been so consistent all year and then decided to suck when I needed him the most.
  15. I am not sure of the workload. How is trusting him?