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  1. gitrdun

    Simple keeper question

    Ingram or Kittle. It is a PPR league and we play 5 flex positions. so really it comes down to who will score more points each week.
  2. gitrdun

    Who you Buying and who you selling?

    buying Dak Winstrom Selling Goff Wentz
  3. gitrdun

    2019 Projections & Rankings

    Sounds fun!
  4. gitrdun


    Mark Ingram to the Ravens. I really think this might be the best place for him. Any thoughts on his production in 2019?
  5. gitrdun

    Colts @ Chiefs Game Thread

    KC will roll. 38-17.
  6. gitrdun

    Top 10 picks for 2019

    No Barkley??
  7. gitrdun

    Top 10 picks for 2019

    4 pts for passing tds and the normal 6 for rushing and receiving. PPR Here is my top ten: 1. Gurley 2. Zeke 3. Barkley 4. McCaffery 5. Mahomes 6. Hopkins 7. Kamara 8. Gordon 9. Hill 10. Thomas I really think Zeke, Barkley and CMC could go in any order 2-4. Missing notables: Brown, Adams, Conners What do you think?
  8. I need 3 from these guys. Chubb at Ravens Mixon at Steelers Gus vs Browns Conner vs Bengals Samuals vs Bengals Anderson vs 49ers. Appreciate the help.
  9. One league I am in plays the championship on week 17. I am concerned with the following players: Zeke Michael Thomsa Russell Wilson Edelman Should I look to pick a couple of players?
  10. gitrdun

    need one in ppr league

    Ballage vs Jags Blue at Eagles - should get the carries Kittle vs Bears - tough match up need one!
  11. gitrdun

    Blue is he worth a start

    With Miller out is Blue worth a start?
  12. Ingram at Pitt = could be due. I have played the last 2 weeks and got very little Kittle vs Bears = tough matchup but usually pretty consistent. Pettis vs Bears = same as Kittle Ballage vs Jags = would love to gamble with him know it should be a close game with opportunities. Need 2 thanks
  13. gitrdun

    Potential Keepers for 2019

    I am searching the WW for potential keepers for next year. So who from this list might a good bet to start and produce next year. I know these are the bottom of the barrel players. D'onta Foreman Houston - not sure if MIller will be back Kalen Ballage Miami - They do not seem high on Drake Darrel Williams KC - Looked very good in preseason with Hunt gone and Ware injury prone might have a shot on a very good offense Royce Freeman Denver - Looks like Lindsey is the guy Conner Kupp LA - Not sure how he be after injury. If you can think of any others, I have until this weekend to pick up. Still playing for 3rd so I don't have a lot of spots available. It is a PPR league and we can only keep one player drafted in the 4th round lower. MY only guy I have currently is Kittle.
  14. gitrdun

    Hamilton, anyone rolling with him tonight?

    No catches. Wow. I f up again.
  15. I guess I am doubting myself, but really don't have much choice because of injuries. Could go with Pettis. Who else is rolling with him?