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  1. gitrdun

    Mixon Health

    I haven't seen an update on Mixon. Is out a couple weeks Gio would be a good pickup, but don't want to waste a ww is Mixon is not out.
  2. gitrdun

    Please help!!!!!!!!!

    That is who I have in. Thanks!!!
  3. gitrdun

    Please help!!!!!!!!!

    I know I am in for a battle with a very tight matchup which could come to the Defenses. I have the Bears and also the Ravens. Ravens have a great matchup but it is on the road at Miami. Bears always tough at home but going against the Packers. Need some help!
  4. gitrdun

    Lets see those lineups boys

    12 team 1/2 point ppr drafted from the 6th spot 1. Zeke 2. Julio 3. Carson 4. Ingram 5. Edelman 6. Wentz Those are my starters with the Bears and Butker. Bench includes: Guice, J Hill, D. Harris, M Williams A. Robinson, Carr (weak I know), CBS rated as A+. I really wanted Pollard in the 8th round but someone took him in the 7th. I thought for sure I could wait since he was probably only playing a couple of games at the most. I missed out and several backup quarterbacks thinking I could wait.
  5. gitrdun

    Zeke and the 6th pick

    I agree!!!!!
  6. gitrdun

    Zeke and the 6th pick

    That is what I was thinking. Maybe if I pass on him, he would be available in the 2nd round. I think I would pull the trigger there.
  7. gitrdun

    Zeke and the 6th pick

    Alright, I am a Cowboy homer and have preaching he will sign before game 1. Now I am having my doubts and am drafting on Labor Day. If he hasn't signed and is available at the 6th pick do I roll with him? I have been telling myself yes but now am beginning to waiver. Any thoughts?
  8. gitrdun

    Who are you reaching for

    J Hill and D Thompson. Just got both in the 9th and 10th round. Would love an injury or two to take place.
  9. I would like to think it is Ryan but have been burned in the past Matty Ice. Any thoughts?
  10. gitrdun

    Bust that you will not draft no matter what.

    He has a great schedule to run the ball against. Check the Big Board!
  11. This league also plays 5 flex positions instead of the usual 2 rbs, 2 wrs, and 1 te. So you want who you think will score the most points and not worry a position. Most likely the following will be gone: Mahomes, Barkley, Kamara, McCaffery, Zeke, DJ, Hopkins, Adams, and maybe Watson, also gone thru keepers are Conner and Chubb. So that leaves me with: Bell, Gurley, Mixon, Cook, Julio, Thomas or Rodgers Appreciate any advice.
  12. gitrdun

    More Upside RB..........

    Monty by a large margin.
  13. gitrdun

    Simple keeper question

    Ingram or Kittle. It is a PPR league and we play 5 flex positions. so really it comes down to who will score more points each week.
  14. gitrdun

    Who you Buying and who you selling?

    buying Dak Winstrom Selling Goff Wentz
  15. gitrdun

    2019 Projections & Rankings

    Sounds fun!