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  1. gitrdun

    BUF / CIN implications after Week 18

    The Chiefs could have a great gesture with all that has happen to forfeit the #1 seed since they lost to both the Bills and Bengals.
  2. gitrdun

    Fields or Dak

    Both have great matchups. A little worried about Fields health but it sounds good coming from Bears report
  3. gitrdun

    MNF Discussion: Bills @ Bengals

    Thinking of doing the same thing
  4. gitrdun


    Any thoughts! Huge decision!
  5. gitrdun


    He is active. How much confidence?
  6. gitrdun

    Which Qb????

    Biggest decision of the year! Dak @ Jags or Fields vs Philly really afraid of Fields matchup
  7. gitrdun

    More value ROS

    J. Williams or R. White. If Fournette was out of the picture, it would be an easy call. I have looked at the remaining schedules and it is pretty close. I would appreciate an evaluation of each.
  8. gitrdun

    If Josh Allen doesn’t play

    My concern with Jimmy G is the Chargers are so bad vs the run, I am not sure if he will even need to throw much.
  9. gitrdun

    If Josh Allen doesn’t play

    Would Case Keemun be a better option
  10. I have Allen as my only quarterback. However the waiver has several options: who do you like? Jimmy G vs Chargers Carr vs Indy Goff @ Bears Wilson @ Tenn
  11. gitrdun

    FU Week 9

    Herbert, I drafted for more than freaking 11 points per game!
  12. gitrdun

    Your worst draft pick ?

    Herbert in the 3rd round. I thought I was getting the 2nd best quarterback and a guaranteed 23 point/game.
  13. gitrdun

    Flex help

    I need 2