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  1. gitrdun

    Streaming week 11 defense

    I have the Ravens vs Houston and do not like the matchup. Available are: Rams vs Bears or Raiders vs Bengals. This is a very tight match up with the 1st place team. It may come down to the defense. Help appreciated
  2. gitrdun

    Waller or Edelman

    1/2 ppr league Waller vs Cin - great matchup Edelman at Philly - pretty consistent
  3. Zeke at Vikings Carson at SF Ingram at Cin Samuals at Rams Murray vs Falcons I have Zeke, Carson and Ingram penciled in but with Conner out and Karmara banged are they worth a start?
  4. gitrdun

    AJ Green Is it time

    I really need him for week 11 or I will be forced to drop him for someone on waivers
  5. gitrdun

    AJ Green Is it time

    I have held on to him for about 5 weeks hoping he might help me in the stretch run. I really don't need to play him this week, but is anyone rolling with him this week? What about the rest of the year? I think he might benefit from Finley. I was impressed with him in preseason.
  6. gitrdun

    Jaylen Samuels

    I have Carson also. I am now starting Zeke, Carson and Samuels at the flex.
  7. gitrdun

    Jaylen Samuels

    Conner is doubtful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. gitrdun

    Baker Mayfield Value

    The quarterback position has kept me from running away with my league. I have Wentz (very inconsistent) and Brissett, who when I do play him like last week, he stinks. Someone dropped Mayfield who has been awful but has a great closing schedule. Broncos, Bills, Steelers, Dolphins, Steelers, Bengals . Can he turn it around? He has played a very tough schedule. Any thoughts?
  9. gitrdun

    Jaylen Samuels

    Who are you benching him for? How confident are you all with starting this week?
  10. gitrdun

    The Official Week 8 FU Thread

    Brissett and Derek Henry. I have played Brissett twice this year and each time he has had his worst game. Henry 8 carries C'Mon Man!
  11. gitrdun

    James Conner Health Updates

    Any new news on Conner? Dying to play Snell on Monday night.
  12. gitrdun

    James Conner Health Updates

    I really need a running back in week 8 because of byes. I have picked L Murray and Edmonds but was wondering on Snell. Does any Steeler homers have any updates on Conner's injury. Steelers play Miami in week eight so what a great match up.
  13. gitrdun

    Preston Williams worth a pick up and start

    Yes he is. That is who I have in the flex spot, but the Vikings are tough against the run.
  14. gitrdun

    Preston Williams worth a pick up and start

    Thanks, the other option was Jordan Howard.
  15. gitrdun

    Preston Williams worth a pick up and start

    Would you start him over the other 3 I mentioned?