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#6335064 Is it racist to not be physically attracted to a certain race of women?

Posted by edjr on 15 October 2018 - 07:54 AM

i am completely and utterly not attracted to the blacks.

#6325082 Canada Bends the Knee - New NAFTA/USMCA

Posted by edjr on 02 October 2018 - 09:14 AM

#6325071 Noise Canceling Headphones?

Posted by edjr on 02 October 2018 - 09:01 AM

Don't laugh - but picked these up the other day, just to try out... Are they Bose? No. Are they another $300 brand? No.... If that's what you want - go buy'em..


 But if you want a great little set of Bluetooth headphones, that will cancel out sound and have plenty of clear base - buy these.. I'm able to roam damn near 40 feet from my device and the kicker - they cost me $20.





Bose in English is "I'm a pretentious douche"

#6325029 NFL 2018

Posted by edjr on 02 October 2018 - 07:52 AM

Welcome to the new NFL.......


7 games opened for week 5 with projected totals in the 50's and the KC/Jax has yet to be posted on Scores and Odds,don't know about you guys but I'm fairly certain this is a first ever.



Turn on a random N.F.L. game. Watch one play. Was it a pass? Yeah, we thought so.
The days of short, “three yards and a cloud of dust” yardage are long over. And it has become even more of a pass-happy league this season.
(All statistics below are through Sunday’s games.)
Quarterbacks have passed for 400 yards in a game 12 times already. With only four weeks in the books, Kirk Cousins of the Minnesota Vikings has done it twice. Tampa Bay’s Ryan Fitzpatrick — Ryan Fitzpatrick! —has done it three times.
At this point last season it had happened only once. And by the end of the season it happened only eight times, never more than once by the same quarterback.
Coming into this season, over a 133-game N.F.L. career, Fitzpatrick had thrown just once for 400 yards: to be precise, 402 yards in a game in 2013.
Jared Goff of the Los Angeles Rams has this season’s biggest game with 465 yards against the Vikings on Thursday night. That exceeded his previous career high by more than 100 yards. Andrew Luck of the Indianapolis Colts nearly matched him, throwing for 464 against the Houston Texans on Sunday. That was his career high as well.
The league is averaging 256 yards passing per game. Last season it was 224, more than 30 yards fewer. Ten years ago it was 211. Twenty years ago it was 205.
In a typical game this season, teams threw 36 times and ran 25 times, a 59 percent passing rate. Last season it was 56 percent. Ten years ago it was 54 percent. Twenty years ago it was 53 percent.
Quarterbacks have thrown for five or more touchdowns in a game four times. Goff and Matt Ryan have games with five touchdowns. Mitch Trubisky of the Chicago Bears and Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs have games with six touchdowns. Last season only Tom Brady and Deshaun Watson of the Texans threw five touchdowns in a game, once each. No one threw six.
Trubisky’s previous career high was two touchdowns, in Week 2 this season. His career high coming into the season was one. Coming into this season Mahomes had played only one game, with no touchdowns.
Eleven quarterbacks are averaging 300 yards a game. Last season none did. Ben Roethlisberger of the Pittsburgh Steelers has 354 yards per game after having 283 last season. His career high is 328.
It’s quality, not just quantity. What if we take into account how many passes quarterbacks passes throw, and penalize them for their interceptions? It turns out they’re still great this season.
Mahomes, Goff and Fitzpatrick all have an adjusted yards per attempt figure over 10. Last year the highest figure among regular starters was Alex Smith’s 8.59.
Only six players have finished a season over 10 in league history, and two of those, Sid Luckman and Otto Graham, played in the 1940s.
But not every quarterback can be Sid Luckman. The rookie Josh Allen is averaging 167 yards a game for the Buffalo Bills, and Tyrod Taylor of the Cleveland Browns is at 154. Before being benched in Arizona, Sam Bradford of the Cardinals was averaging 133.
And no matter how many great passers there are these days, there is always someone to bring down the average. Nathan Peterman only made it through two and a half quarters in Game 1 for the Bills before being benched, presumably permanently. He threw 18 times. Those passes gained 24 yards.

#6318002 The TOUR Championship - Eastlake Golf Course

Posted by edjr on 24 September 2018 - 09:46 AM

Yea, but on the chain sounds ghey. :D


not if you're in an Arizona prison

#6318000 NFL says Clay Matthews’ hit was perfect example of roughing the passer

Posted by edjr on 24 September 2018 - 09:46 AM

NFL is really skating the line of unwatchable. 

#6317998 Kavanaugh sexual misconduct in High School

Posted by edjr on 24 September 2018 - 09:45 AM

28 focking pages?


This place sucks and here is why.


sick political focks

#6311328 sheeeeee's back

Posted by edjr on 17 September 2018 - 07:55 AM


#6284723 **2018 PGA Championship Thread**

Posted by edjr on 13 August 2018 - 08:53 AM

Remember? He claims he doesn't watch if TW is playing.


We know that's bullocks. 


He just has the latest copy of "Dead PreTeen Magazine" handy

#6284709 2018 Edex Cup PGA Championship - TEAMS

Posted by edjr on 13 August 2018 - 08:43 AM





Thanks JC :wub:


who says this sh1t isn't 95% luck?

#6278168 I'm engaged!

Posted by edjr on 02 August 2018 - 12:01 PM

I have some advice for you since you are newly engaged. Please take it to heart as it is something that I think every newly engaged couple should know in order to be successful. Remember that this woman is going to be your world. Your beacon in a storm. Your shining star.

At some point in the future, you are going to be heading to bed (much like I am right now). The kids will be asleep in their rooms and you are sitting on top of the world. You have had a fine scotch while watching the ballgame on your HDTV and things seem really good.

So, when you hop into bed and you roll over for a little nookie, don't be discouraged by the "Get the fock away from me. I am having my period!" from the wildebeast in your bed. Ignore the cellulite that is hanging from the outsides of her granny panties. Ignore that she is snoring like a sailor and that the odor from under the covers from her "dutch oven" experiments is causing you to momentarily lose consciousness.

Just sit back and realize that this is your lifemate... the one and only person that you will ever have sex with. The person that will take everything that you have if you don't give into her every whim. The person whose voice will give you facial ticks and whose shrill will often cause you to lose control of your bladder. She is your world. Your beacon in a storm. Your shining star.




#6278051 Lynyrd Skynyrd - Freebird - 7/2/1977 - Oakland Coliseum Stadium

Posted by edjr on 02 August 2018 - 09:51 AM




So good.




Full concert, year before.



#6277482 Man sentenced to shovel manure for knocking over port-a-potty

Posted by edjr on 01 August 2018 - 01:44 PM





PAINESVILLE, Ohio — A judge known for unique sentences has ordered a man who knocked over a port-a-potty to clean manure out of animal pens at a county fairgrounds in Ohio.
Judge Michael Cicconetti recently suspended most of a 120-day jail sentence for 18-year-old Bayley Toth, who pleaded guilty and was convicted of criminal mischief, in favor of the creative punishment of cleaning up waste from animals at Lake County’s fairgrounds.
The municipal court judge compared Toth’s actions to those of an animal, saying “you act like an animal, you’re going to take care of animals.”
Authorities say the Painesville man spent a night with friends knocking over objects, including a port-a-potty, at a park.
Court officials say Toth defended himself in the case. No public phone listing could be found for him.




We need a lot more judges like this and not liberal twats that reduce bail and let them out to kill others.



I bet he was real down in the dumps when he heard the sentence.

#6277474 N. Carolina - Two illegals molest several kids

Posted by edjr on 01 August 2018 - 01:33 PM






around north carolina? what about KSB?

#6277288 2019 potential changes

Posted by edjr on 01 August 2018 - 10:57 AM

I do not like that proposal, but i do like rolling divisions:


top 4

middle 4

bottom 4


That's a decent idea.