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  1. edjr


    Just because
  2. They need WRs too. Maybe looking for someone with a good set of hands?
  3. Now we are going to pay for an investigation to find out if they were really raped? you are bigly dumb
  4. edjr

    Why I was offended by two gay dudes with their son

    Why not just open a new place called Mcdonalth
  5. edjr

    Why I was offended by two gay dudes with their son

    how do you know the shoes were dirty? did you inspect you're at a focking mcdonalds. if you expect a clean table you're retarded
  6. can you solicit and then not do anything? like, just ask prices and what not
  7. the people we WANT having kids are the ones that can afford to do to the doctor. HTH
  8. That bubble he lives in. Everyone is white and perfect
  9. what about when the parents are poor and keep them? Then what?
  10. guys guys guys! Can we wait till we have all the facts?
  11. all poor people. color of skin shouldn't make them special
  12. I went there to get my brows waxed