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  1. BLS

    Trump threatens to close 'Southern Border entirely

    What do you think tonight's PC is for? National Emergency homie. Troops on the wall, DOD to start building it immediately. Either that or Trump is going to show he real hair.
  2. BLS

    Trump threatens to close 'Southern Border entirely

    Border security is needed. I think any sane person agrees with this. Should we revise our immigration policy? I think so, but I'm no expert on the process, so I can't really say. That being said I don't think a wall is going to really fix the problem. It's purely symbolic. However pulling troops from other countries, such as Syria and putting them on the border is a great way to pay our men/women to do what they're supposed to do. Protect our country.
  3. BLS

    Trump threatens to close 'Southern Border entirely

    Drugs come from Mexico.
  4. You should seriously read up on the 'my dog hit on your vehicle' bullshit. It's unreal. Here's an idea; you're dog is a idiot with no thumbs, and no language we share. But that is admissible in court. I'm not a cop hater. In fact, the opposite side. But there are BAD cops out there and they need to be held responsible.
  5. Good. They should have fired his ass.
  6. BLS

    Stock Market- Ouch!

    The Market, I believe, is going into a free-fall. That free-fall is due to an excess of liquidity in the US markets; the primary culprit is the US Federal Reserve. I know...old story, chicken little. Just wait. Not long now. 10 years of stagflation is coming....plus.
  7. BLS

    Gen Mattis to retire in February

    Marines.....are all we need.
  8. BLS

    Stock Market- Ouch!

    Bubble anyone?
  9. BLS

    13-year-old-girl among four people shot

    Good thing we banned bump stocks. Also, no one cares about that girl unless there's something in it for them.
  10. BLS

    Trump is a focking libtard afterall

    Thank you for being pragmatic.
  11. BLS

    Trump is a focking libtard afterall

    Bump stocks aren't that big of an issue for me, or I would assume, for most gun owners. However, legislation by fiat, is a huge problem and anybody with half a brain cell should be concerned. That being said, you should not be able to make laws based on executive fiat. Trump is wrong on this one, and I do NOT support him.
  12. BLS

    Could you survive being single now?

    I've been alone my entire life. Easy peasy.
  13. Every woman should get the chance to be a man in his 20s or 30s for like a week. I believe you'd be giving it up more freely just out of the kindness of your heart. For men, sticking our junk in something appropriately sized is the number one thing we think about for about 25 - 30 years. It's not like we want it...it's just programmed. Vaginas to men are like shoes to a woman. We don't know why, but we want ALL OF THEM and will do, say and pay for any way to get them.
  14. Knock on the door violently. Yell out "you're not supposed to jerk off in the restroom!!"
  15. It's the only GD reason I still live in this shithole state. Lowlifes don't with winter.