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  1. BLS

    Entry level smoker

    I bought my wife a rectec. It's ridiculous.
  2. BLS

    My mom died this morning

    She was toxic. Imagine the type of person where: You go to Christmas at your brother's because he's got the best (local) home to accommodate Xmas. She proceeds to put everyone on eggshells. She doesn't ask how your day, month, year was, but wants to tell you about how her biopsy was so painful, how she's dying and how my younger brother is a loser because he can't keep a girlfriend, and publicly admonishes him (and he's a great guy, but grew up in the toxic household). Years ago, she got money from my grandmother (her mom) to buy a car, so she could drive my Gma around to get groceries, etc. She crashes it weeks later because she's so high on a mix of drugs it's amazing she didn't kill anyone. A few weeks later I have to travel out of town; she asks if she can borrow my car (which was a POS) and I agreed. During my return home (driving from NC), I get a call from hometown PD and ask if I was in a certain hospital parking lot today. I said "No I'm in Illinois". He says "Can you prove it?" I send him a text from a gas station in Illinois proving that. Asks if I have X car. I say yes. He says someone driving that car with those plates did a hit and run in hospital parking lot. I call Mom. She says "I don't know what you're talking about". Gets indignant about it. I said "Police have eyewitnesses." She says "Well I didn't think it was that bad". That's my mother for the last 40 years. She was 68. Died of complications due to Hep C, Diabetes, and generally living like a piece of sh1t.
  3. Duly noted, cocksucker.
  4. BLS

    Christmas gift suggestions

    Santa likes to give your momma the pink sock.
  5. BLS

    Turn - Netflix

    I'll add it to my list. Danka my MN Brethren.
  6. BLS

    Christmas gift suggestions

    You'll never get one, dude!
  7. I thought at one time we could do that? Fuckin low-rent message bored in the armpit of the interwebs.
  8. BLS

    It's on in New York

  9. BLS

    It's on in New York

    Suck it, you commie whoores.
  10. Wife asked for Xmas gifts for me. I don't know....don't need more stuff. But I do love having a bunch of blankets on me, and thought maybe a weighted blanket might help me sleep. Any experience? Thoughts?
  11. BLS

    *Official 2020 Election Thread*

    Rustor McFuckstor, you're UNHINGED. TFP
  12. BLS

    Got the Covid...***UPDATE***

    what was his name?
  13. German Dr speaks out against lockdowns on live stream.  
  14. BLS

    My mom died this morning

    Thanks to you all for the T&Ps.