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  1. BLS

    Your age and health problems

    51 - Type 2 Diabetes which is under control with meds and diet. I'm 6'1 and weigh about 215, so I'm overweight by about 30lbs. Need to get to the gym but I just can't seem to get motivated to do it.
  2. BLS

    @ a poster you miss

    Another list I didn't make!
  3. The government shouldn't be forcing anyone to put something in their body that they do not want. Period. Anybody who suggests they should, is your enemy and is more than willing to enjoy watching you drug off to a prison camp.
  4. BLS

    Experts Warn of Coming Inflation

    You don't think printing up 5+ Trillion Dollars and injecting it directly into the economy might have inflationary results? BTW...this isn't really all on Biden. Trump did it too. But Obama was the worst.
  5. BLS

    Experts Warn of Coming Inflation

    I am pretty sure some people have been saying this very thing was coming; and were laughed at about it.
  6. What about the dozens of insurrections around the country after George Floyd OD'd and died on a MPLS street? Do we recall the horror of the days following when folks destroyed a police department, raped women and burned an entire apartment complex? Clown. Shoes.
  7. BLS

    Vaccine mandate blocked

    You're a real piece of work.
  8. Australia has gone full pants on head retarded. Why anybody would go there now is beyond me.
  9. BLS

    Kyle Rittenhouse trial

    Holy dude. Crassic.
  10. BLS

    Kyle Rittenhouse trial

    Everything you just said, is bullsh1t.
  11. BLS

    Kyle Rittenhouse trial

    Good. The whole trial was BS. Textbook Self Defense.
  12. BLS

    Kyle Rittenhouse trial

    I'm a self defense expert. I have been teaching it almost every weekend for 10 years. What Kyle Rittenhouse did was nothing other than self defense. Was he dumb for interjecting himself into that situation? Yup. Dumb, Dumb, Dumb. But it's not illegal to make bad choices. In WI, you in order for you to use deadly force LEGALLY, in a justifiable self-defense case, you need to be: 1. In immediate fear of death or great bodily harm 2. Be a reluctant participant, or an "innocent victim'. 3. Be unable to retreat. 4. No lesser force would suffice to stop the threat. In my opinion, KR complied with all of those rules. In fact, I use these videos to show what REAL self-defense looks like. KR's case is TEXTBOOK self-defense. I would agree with anybody who says what he did, and the situation he inserted himself into was DUMB. It most certainly was. When there's a riot, you go the other way. Period. But that doesn't mean he's guilty of a crime. It just means he's guilty of making poor choices. After watching years of videos on self-defense, I will say this about 17 yo KR. He did better at following the 4 pillars of self-defense better than anybody I've ever seen. Dude should be the mayor of Kenosha.
  13. BLS

    Libs on Tik Tok

    public hangings are long overdue.