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  1. BLS

    What does one do with a jar of oysters?

    Medium saucepan. 1 stick butter and jar of oysters. Medium Heat until butter is melted. Salt/pepper slightly. Once butter is melted, add milk. Heat on low for 15 minutes. Enjoy with crackers.
  2. And you are: 1. A victim because you're taught to be one. 2. Perpetuating racism by telling her she can't buy the monkey earrings. 3. Perpetuating racism by talking about the dynamics of colorism in the black community. You don't hear ANYBODY here saying "well, in the white community, we do this....". Do you know why? Because that's racist. If I met you in a store I would look at you as Peenie the fantasy football playing chic from Atlanta. Not Peenie, the black chic. But Peenie looks in the mirror and see's Peenie the black victim.
  3. This country is . The ball is brown. The QB's arm is brown. 'sometimes I can't tell when he hands the ball off or not" is not a racist statement. What ever happened to common sense. The dude didn't say "the Monkey hides the ball well with his monkey skin, which matches the ball color".
  4. BLS

    Tori Amos...Thank you :)

    I'm not a fan of the cover. Her voice 'vibrato' irritates me. That being said, I love the choice of songs to cover, because it's a great tune.
  5. BLS

    Zimmerman sues Trayvon Martins family

    No. You haven't.
  6. BLS

    Zimmerman sues Trayvon Martins family

    You must be new here. IDGAF what you think.
  7. BLS

    Zimmerman sues Trayvon Martins family

    If I was Zimmerman I would sue too. There was no evidence he did anything wrong and a jury in FL agreed after reviewing the facts. It was political and now Zimmerman's life is ruined. Ruined. He's had at least 3 attempts on his life by people who don't even know him. I'd sue the out of anyone I could for what they did.
  8. BLS

    Zimmerman sues Trayvon Martins family

    Trayvon attacked Zimmerman Peenie. There's eyewitness testimony. Having someone follow you doesn't mean you can assault them. Trayvon had a rather spirited history in his short 17 years. Including MMA street fighting. Trayvon is dead because he beat a pudgy, middle aged man to the point where said man felt in fear for his life. Pudgy man had a gun and stopped his threat.
  9. No, it's because he's black. That's why he isn't being given a chance.
  10. BLS

    Official Trump Impeachment Inquiry Thread

    I really tried to quit watching politics so I'm not up to speed on all this impeachment stuff. But I can tell you this, they will NOT impeach him, and he WILL win 2020 and it won't be close. I'm honestly not a huge fan on him. He's a child and does and says stupid sh1t that doesn't need to be said. That being considered, if you turn on CNN/MSNBC it's 24/7 propaganda against him. Fox, is the exact opposite view, but still 24/7 propaganda. The fact that SO many people want him out, tells me I want him in. Regardless, I'm still taking bets on Trump 2020 if you wanna put up.
  11. BLS

    National Debt tops $18 Trillion

    Living the dream every day broham. You?
  12. BLS

    National Debt tops $18 Trillion

    It will never be paid back. Ever.
  13. BLS

    Student entrepreneur gets shut down

  14. BLS

    Student entrepreneur gets shut down

    How does Krispy Kreme have ANY say over what he does with something he purchases? I can go to Walmart and buy umbrellas and sell them to who ever the F I want.