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  1. Agreed on the RB backups. I set it to autodraft once I was down to $1/pick. It would be interesting to see if I would have been able to grab them both. I also agree on the start/sit issue on the 'No Studs' team. Clearly a disadvantage. One advantage though is there's not a lot of risk. They always say you can't win your league in the first round, but you CAN lose it. This way of drafting helps insulate against that, and I believe it also gives your more, quality chances to hit a home run with an up and comer.
  2. I've been hitting the ESPN mock auctions hard for a couple of weeks. Last night I tried 2 different concepts and I'd like feedback on if either team is something you would go to 'war' with. All mock auctions were $200 cap, 16 roster spots. The first experiment, was to not pay more than $30 for any player, which ultimately means no 'first round' talent. The 2nd, was to draft the top skill positions from the Chiefs. I'm interested to hear what you think of each team. I'm also curious if you've experimented with different auctions and what the results were. Team 1; while there are no 'studs', I found the team to be very well rounded with good depth. Devonta Freeman $27 George Kittle $27 Stefon Diggs $27 Damien Williams $30 Mike Williams $15 Mark Ingram II $23 Calvin Ridley $12 Sony Michel $14 Josh Gordon $10 Phillip Lindsay $8 Kyler Murray $1 Lamar Jackson $1 Jamison Crowder $2 Darrell Henderson $1 Rams D/ST $1 Harrison Butker $1 Team 2; All the top players from the Chiefs. The obvious issue with this team is bye week. However I did some math last night and discovered that if I had started all the major Chief starters last year, I would have score the most points in the league, which pretty well equates to winning the division and a good chance in the playoffs. Tyreek Hill $59 Travis Kelce $48 Patrick Mahomes $21 Damien Williams $22 Harrison Butker $1 Mark Ingram II $16 Mike Williams $16 O.J. Howard $8 Latavius Murray $2 Courtland Sutton $1 LeSean McCoy $1 Tyrell Williams $1 DK Metcalf $1 Titans D/ST $1 Adam Vinatieri $1 Greg Olsen $1
  3. Clearly we should ban planes.
  4. BLS

    Is there a way to stop the shootings?

    As much as I loathe the federal government, I'm completely OK with them redirecting some of the billions they piss away on bullshit and start helping those with mental health issues. Instead of helping them, we incarcerate them. Then we wonder why we have mental health problems.
  5. Did anybody suggest suing Delta airlines for their inability to protect their passengers?
  6. 9/11 by a mile. Excellent response.
  7. Gun control talk compelled me to bring this topic up. I'm curious what everyone thinks is the largest mass murder in US history.
  8. I try to avoid politics as much as possible anymore, but I gotta say, the Democrats are literally off the goddamned rails.
  9. BLS

    Is there a way to stop the shootings?

    Freedom means the sacrifice of safety. Safety means the sacrifice of freedom. Choose wisely.
  10. BLS

    Is there a way to stop the shootings?

    It's a very fair argument.
  11. BLS

    Is there a way to stop the shootings?

    It appears that mental health is very much in play in regards to the Dayton Shooter. This blogger used to date him: https://medium.com/@_adeliajohnson_/my-ex-boyfriend-was-the-dayton-shooter-2b7f2d792b68
  12. BLS

    Is there a way to stop the shootings?

    While it's been proven that cops will shoot 'good guys' accidentally, I prefer the option of stopping the assailant vs. waiting 20 minutes for LE to arrive. It's also been proven that when these shooters are confronted by armed people, they stop attacking innocents and HAVE to focus on the new threat. That alone can save lives. But I fully agree that you need to be TRAINED and by someone COMPETENT.
  13. BLS

    Is there a way to stop the shootings?

    That was well thought out.
  14. BLS

    Is there a way to stop the shootings?

    I think cable news/24hr news and the severe lines drawn in the sand are a huge part of it. At the end of the day, most of these shootings are politically driven. Divisive politics wasn't this profound in young people like it is now. I'd like to be able to say it's 1 thing but I don't think it is. I'm not a psychologist, and I wouldn't have the first idea on where to start looking to solve "why". I deal with the "how". And the best "how" to stop someone trying to kill you, is to kill them first.