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Bust that you will not draft no matter what.

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6 hours ago, Matt Mueller said:

Are we still talking about Chris Godwin?!


Happy for you Mulls! You own him in a lot of spots

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It’s only week 2 I wouldn’t jump to conclusions just yet. Everyone’s reasoning on here for liking Godwin (Especially Tbay) was that Winston will improve under Arians and that they would be throwing a TON. Through 2 weeks none of that has happened. Godwin salvaged week 1 with a TD but so far Winston, Evans, and OJ Howard have not been good at all.


Pat yourself on the back of you think you’re right but my reasoning for not wanting Godwin still holds true. Winston is NOT very good and there’s a lot of mouths to feed. I’m sure OJ Howard’s agent will be calling the front office soon and Mike Evans won’t keep putting up duds will he?


Obviously unpopular opinion on this thread but because I wasn’t high on him to begin with and Winston/Arians have done anything to change my opinion of Winston, I would sell high immediately.

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