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Movie help

Today, 04:38 AM

Ordinarily, I'd go to Google, but damned if I know what I type into that.

there was a movie with a fairly popular, well known female American actress a while ago that had some sort of strong bond with a generic Godzilla standing type of creature in Japan. She move her left arm, she'd watch this thing live on TV and it would move its left arm, Etc.

I remember her doing press for this and thinking there's no way this movie is going to make more than $42.

Anybody have any idea what this movie was called?

Trump > Obama

Today, 04:31 AM

Trump's approval rating before the November elections has jumped to a higher level than former President Obama's ahead of the 2010 midterms, according to a new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll.

The poll found Trump's approval rating at its highest level for that poll yet, at 47 percent. Obama's approval rating was 45 percent around the same time in 2010, according to a similar NBC/Wall Street Journal poll taken in late October 2010.


I mean, just look at the numbers before and after. Tell me that the Democrats didn't thoroughly botch the Kavana hearing.

Trump's done everything but murder puppies on live television and still, look at this. I don't know when the Democrats are finally if ever going to realize:

1. Twitter is not representative of the majority of American priorities or thought processes.

2. For every radical run to The Fringe left that the Dems do, for every one freak vote that they pick up, they lose what? 10,000 more? They've got the freaks locked up. There's not a freak out there voting for Trump. They need to be focusing on the middle, not placating the Fringe hand wringers looking for special rights for polyamorous furries who self identify as lycan Americans.

I still think this vote will be very local. But regardless, if the Democrats want to survive as a party, they need to boot all of their leadership and start hiring from The Middle.

Suicide Squad

Today, 02:23 AM

What did you guys think k of this movie? I mean, Margot Robbie is phenomenal of course.

I watched it when It came out on video but it clearly didn't resonate with me. So I thought I'd watch it on broadcast tonight. Can barely hold my attention for 20 minutes. Sure, I was mostly sleeping during it. What did you guys think of it? I want to like it. Just not sure it works.

But did I mention Margot Robbie?

Thanks to her, there will be approximately 840M sluts dressed up like her for Halloween.


Yesterday, 08:15 PM

Pretty much the one night with decent TV. Plan was to multitask. Watch TV, get things done during commercials. Had a ton of different things had to get done.

Already behind from the monster nap that attacked this afternoon.

Hoping I can get a serious hour-long power nap and then get up and rock and roll for a few hours. But wouldn't be surprised if that nap goes long.

Freaking same thing happened last week. And the worst part? Can't even blame it on booze.

Sucks getting old.

Favorite Tom Hanks role/movie

Yesterday, 03:11 AM

Not counting Bosom Buddies.