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The 'super blood wolf moon eclipse'

15 January 2019 - 11:23 AM

Here's your guide to the 'super blood wolf moon eclipse' that's coming this weekend



Sure, you may know the "super blood wolf moon eclipse" is coming to a sky near you this weekend. But what exactly does it mean?

Unquestionably, the main event is the total lunar eclipse, also known as an eclipse of the moon, which will start late Sunday, Jan. 20, and finish early Monday, Jan. 21 (Eastern time).

This type of eclipse happens when the moon passes fully into the shadow of Earth.

Beyond that, despite all the hullabaloo over the various names, there's still only one moon. There's no separate super, blood, wolf or anything else moon.


Supermoon: A supermoon occurs when the full moon is at the closest point of its orbit to the Earth, which is also called the perigee. 

That makes the moon look extra close and extra bright – up to 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter than a full moon at its farthest point from Earth, known as the apogee, NASA said.

This is the first of three supermoons in 2019. The others will be on Feb. 19 and March 21. Of these, the Feb. 19 full moon will be the closest and largest full supermoon of 2019.


"Blood" moon: That is just the reddish color the moon will appear during the total lunar eclipse. The moon won't turn black or vanish from the sky; instead it will appear to be a "reddish copper color," Murphy said, hence the name blood moon.

Although the moon is in Earth's shadow, some sunlight still reaches the moon. The sunlight passes through Earth's atmosphere, which causes our atmosphere to filter out most of the blue light.

This makes the moon appear red to people on Earth.


"Wolf" moon: According to the Old Farmer's Almanac, Native Americans called the January full moon the "wolf" moon because it appeared when wolves howled in hunger outside the villages.

The almanac said ancient peoples commonly tracked the seasons by following the lunar calendar (vs. today’s solar calendar).

For millennia, people across the world named the months after nature’s cues. 





This shiot is getting out of hand.  :wall:

Missing Wisconsin teen found

11 January 2019 - 05:24 AM




One of our Phoenix Geeks has some esplaining to do.

10 January 2019 - 10:51 AM

Police demand DNA from Phoenix care staff after woman in coma gives birth




Police have served a search warrant Tuesday to get DNA from all male employees at a long-term care facility in Phoenix where a patient who had been in a vegetative state for years gave birth.

Male staff members at a Hacienda Healthcare center in Phoenix, Arizona , were asked to give DNA samples as part of an investigation into how the patient got pregnant, according to a press release from the long-term care facility.

The chief executive of the company which cared for a Phoenix woman who gave birth  has resigned.

Hacienda HealthCare’s chief executive, Bill Timmons, stepped down on Monday, spokesman David Leibowitz said. The decision was unanimously accepted by the board of directors.

first reported that the woman, in a vegetative state after a near-drowning, delivered a baby on 29 December. Her identity has not been reported and it is not known if she has a family or a guardian. It is also unclear if staff members at the Hacienda de Los Angeles facility were unaware of the pregnancy until the birth.

In a statement, board member Gary Orman said Hacienda “will accept nothing less than a full accounting of this absolutely horrifying situation”.

“We will do everything in our power to ensure the safety of every single one of our patients and our employees,” Orman said.

Hacienda HealthCare said it welcomed the DNA testing of employees. “We will continue to cooperate with Phoenix Police and all other investigative agencies to uncover the facts in this deeply disturbing, but unprecedented situation,” the company said in a statement.

Phoenix police say the matter is under investigation. They declined further comment on Tuesday.

San Carlos Apache officials announced Tuesday night that the 29-year-old woman was an enrolled member of the tribe, whose reservation is in southeastern Arizona about 134 miles (215 kilometers) east of Phoenix.

In a statement, tribal officials said the woman was still in a coma when she gave birth.

“On behalf of the tribe, I am deeply shocked and horrified at the treatment of one of our members,” tribal chairman Terry Rambler said. “When you have a loved one committed to palliative care, when they are most vulnerable and dependent upon others, you trust their caretakers. Sadly, one of her caretakers was not to be trusted and took advantage of her. It is my hope that justice will be served.”

San Carlos Apache Police Chief Alejandro Benally said Phoenix police “will do all they can to find the perpetrator” and his department will assist “in any way possible.”

The Hacienda facility serves infants, children and young adults who are “medically fragile” or have developmental disabilities, according to its website. The Arizona department of health services has said new safety measures have been implemented.






Jerry?  :nono:

What credit card are you using?

10 January 2019 - 09:25 AM

For the past 15 years I've been using a Cabela's Credit card.  I earn points that I can redeem at Cabela's and Bass Pro shops.  Currently have over $300 worth of free shiot I can get but I'm having a hard time finding anything I want.


Looking to get something different, maybe just straight cash back but I'm not sure about Discover Cards.  Traveling isn't high on my list right (two kids in high school) now so airline miles are not a big deal for me.


Which cards have great benefits?

Mexican buys a book store

21 December 2018 - 10:56 AM

A Mexican gentleman has worked most of his life doing manual labor saving up to fulfil  l his  life long dream of owning his own business.  Finally after many years he's able to buy a bookstore.  A few days later a redneck walks in and asks if he has Donald Trumps new book?  The Mexican shakes his head no.  The redneck ask if he even understands what he's looking for or if the Mexican even speaks English.  Again the Mexican shakes his head.  At this point the redneck says to the Mexican, hell you probably can't even read why am I asking you anything.  The Mexican has had enough and tells the redneck to get the fock out and stay out.  If you ever come back in I'm going to throw you up against that wall and beat the shiot out of you.  The redneck says....





Yeah that's the one.  Do you have it in hardcover?   :mellow: