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In Topic: Oh FFS - 'ableist'?

Today, 03:06 AM

Disability doesnt restrict you...

Um yeah. It does. Thats exactly what it focking does nitwit.


In Topic: McCabe Fired

Today, 12:44 AM

The truth is, Trump's pissed that his wife gave money to the Clinton campaign. Even though McCabe has described himself as a lifetime Republican and a career agent that wasn't politically appointed by other side. This is just 27 kinds of incompetent and Shady.

But hey, it'll stop people from talking about the hooker for 5 minutes.😂😂😂

I mean really, did some agent run in breathlessly at 9:15 tonight with that last missing piece of evidence? You guys are maroons.😂

In Topic: McCabe Fired

Today, 12:42 AM

Because of course we know this gloryhound President whenever he has something that he's in the least bit proud of he does his best to bury the story by not making a decision until 10 p.m. on a Friday night. LOL

In Topic: McCabe Fired

Yesterday, 10:01 PM

At this point, getting fired from that numbnuts is basically a badge of honor.

50% turnover in one year? ######, strip clubs don't have that kind of turnover.

In Topic: on Graham Norton right now

Yesterday, 09:05 PM

Should not have given short shrift to Allison Janney. Well darn, wow damn.

Turns out, it's the black guy from get out too.

Seriously, if I go to sleep with all three of those women at once? I will happily include the black guy. I'll definitely need somebody to tag me out.