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In Topic: Next in line Aziz Ansari...this is getting stupid

Today, 02:32 AM

It's scary to read that some of you didn't know there are Indians that are Muslim.
Pakistan was formerly India.

Before it was Constantinople.

In Topic: I am heartbroken

Today, 01:17 AM

There's a huge link between the increase in kale consumption and the increase in people with diabetes. Keep that in mind.

Also, directly corresponding with the increase in cilantro consumption is a huge uptick in the number of cases of oral cancers.

In Topic: Do you ever use these mannerisms

Yesterday, 11:47 PM

i don't like being touched. What you describe seems like a violation of the bubble. Or, at a minimum, testing to see what he can get away with next.  There's no reason for that behavior - not b.c of Me2 shiit, it's just effing annoying. 


Pretty sure the maximum is one per conversation. As in:


Touch on arm - "Ah, that's so funny!"


Nudge "Looks like they want us back in the room."  


focking weird beyond that. 

In Topic: I am heartbroken

Yesterday, 11:40 PM

Not to poo poo it, but That's barely a disease. Minor adjustments. Don't go lopping off any toes any time soon.



I remember asking my Doc when she wanted me to start testing my blood. It went something like this: 


"So Doc, I test my blood, it's high or low, what then?  Do I fart, vomit, lie down, exercise, write my will? What?"


She just started laughing. "You know, after all these years, nobody's ever asked me that..."  :D  


BAsically, it's common sense, whilst they push fingering your priick, the truth is, you know when you feel sluggish or skittery. Just a matter of figuring out what works to smooth the highs and lows. 


Take your meds, increase water consumption by 49% and just play it where it lays. 

In Topic: A meteor just hit Michigan

Yesterday, 09:39 PM

Nah, there's this huge spacelab type thing that the Chinese lost control of. They have no idea where I was going to hit. You're supposed to come down right about now. I wonder if that's it?