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Oh FFS - 'ableist'?

Today, 01:53 AM

This is just plain stupid. Like Bill Maher says, people bitching on Twitter is not news!


on Graham Norton right now

Yesterday, 08:57 PM

Alicia vikander, the new Laura Croft. And Margot Robbie wearing a very short skirt.

Wow. He may be gay, but the guy who books his guests sure as hell isn't. Damn.

Oh, and Allison Janney and some dude from Black Panther and Camila Cabello or whatever. But Margo and Alicia? Damn.

Interesting observation

Yesterday, 01:28 PM

Outside of his immediate family, there are only two people the Trump hasn't attacked one way or another. Remember, everybody in his cabinet he either attacked during those roles or previously when they were running against him.

Or both.

The two people he has assiduously avoided saying anything negative about at all?

Putin and Stormy Daniels.

The thinking is, these are the two people who have shiit they can use against him and he knows it.

All the other women? Brutal.

But not Stormy.

Thinking is, he's not worrying politically. Because 35% of the country has basically said he could rape a toddler on the White House front lawn and they just scream Maga.

But financially?

Not to mention invalidating prenup and potentially NDA with Melanoma.

Interesting to say the least.

I would probably add Hope Hicks that list myself.

Misc TV thread

Yesterday, 11:13 AM

Anybody ever watch Channel Zero? Looks like some kind of horror thing?

Anybody watching that much hyped Star Trek series that apparently is only available digitally? I have a feeling that at some point maybe in the summer CBS is just going to re-air the whole thing on plain old television.

Saw the first 3 minutes of a show called Champions yesterday. Basically, imagine Jack from Will & Grace being 15. So it's pretty much a gay rip off of little Sheldon.

I hate precocious kids on TV in the first place. Now make them sassy and gay? Jesus Christ.

Anybody watching the reboot of X-Files?

Honestly, about 82% of my moving pictures time is spent watching YouTube.

40% of men In Japan

Yesterday, 12:33 AM

Are virgins??

Holy Crap!

So said Christiane Amanpour on The Daily Show. Apparently she's doing some special on sex around the world.

Welcome to our future.