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In Topic: Manafort Trial: Predictions

Yesterday, 10:32 PM

Oh. You guys really need to get educated. Manafort played a huge part in changing the GOP platform regarding Russia and the Ukraine. And now he's been convicted of screwing around with the Ukraine.

Yeah, no connection there.


In Topic: Manafort Trial: Predictions

Yesterday, 09:51 PM

But but but Ruby just said that they didn't even know that the Russian woman who they hired a Russian translator for those coming in directly from Moscow was a Russian!

this reminds me of the baseball hearings when that rhubarb Rusty Hardin from Texas showed up and thought he was smarter than DC. Yeah good luck with that goober .

all these New York douchebags just looking like ###### idiots over and over again.

In Topic: Manafort Trial: Predictions

Yesterday, 09:37 PM

I'm sorry, we forget that manafort was the guy who single-handedly got the Republicans to change their platform as regards sanctions against Russia at their own Republican primary convention?

I guess Hannity didn't share that with you did he?

In Topic: Manafort Trial: Predictions

Yesterday, 08:40 PM

So charges are forthcoming.  :lol:

You know, after 7 years. Trey Gowdy turned out to be a raging flaming liberal Hillary lover.

the same guy who promised years and years and years of Investigations if she was elected president.

Like I said, The more of Trumps on guys who admit ###### on their own? The harder and harder it gets for these guys. That's why they're so stressed out tonight.

This is literally the first time in American history when a guy admits to a felony and claims that a sitting president of the United States was his co-conspirator in the felony.

Nothing Burger my ass.

In Topic: Disappearance of Mollie Tibbets-Iowa

Yesterday, 08:18 PM

. Or a rouge trucker

😚 Nothing scarier than a rouge trucker.

Damn trannies.😂