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Found 14 results

  1. RabidSeaCows

    Flex start

    1/2 Point PPR. Leaning Ekeler Ekeler Vs Indy John Brown @ NYJ Curtis Samuel vs LAR Lockett vs CIN Leave Link, will answer yours!
  2. lowspark

    Who do I drop? Or do I?

    Have a bit of a dilemma... I am playing one of the worst teams in my league and my team is pretty solid. Chicago D is on Bye this week...trying to pick up a D and keep chicago but having trouble determining who to drop... Tried to make some trades...2 for 1 deals, trade for an IR guy to open up a spot, etc...w/no luck Looks like I have a couple choices... 1) Drop a player and pick up a D (probably going to be Denver) Who would you drop? (have waiver priority 8, btw...) 2) Run without a kicker this week 3) Run w/out a Defense this week Let me know your thoughts. Here's my team Starters QB: Drew Brees RB: Gurley RB: McCaffery WR: Davante Adams WR: Tyler Boyd TE: Kyle Rudolph Flex: C Hyde K: Harrison Butker D: <EMPTY> Bench WR's D Thomas M Jones J Brown A. Cooper Rb's Dion lewis Breida QB: Cousins My opponent C Wentz L McCoy Saquon B. L. Fitz Keenan Allen Jordan Reed Isiah Crowell Eagles D. S Gotskowski I will help with yours if you send a link.
  3. skydiverd

    WW Receivers - if so drop who?

    12 man league, standard scoring Current roster: Rivers Hunt Connor Hopkins Diggs Burton M. Jones - Flex Current bench: D. Freeman C.. Carson K. Johnson K. Drake Q. Enunwa T. Lockett C. Kupp Avaialble on Wire - T. Boyd, J. Brown, C. Godwin, G. Alison Leaning towards grabbing Boyd and dropping Drake, but its hard to drop a 4th rounder. Miami has had some weird games and I don't want to drop prematurely, but man he has hurt me more than helped me. Maybe drop one of the bench receivers. If so, which one?Pretty good team for 0-3. Ugh...
  4. Antonio Brown (toe) didn't practice Saturday. Brown is now in serious danger of missing the Steelers Week 13 game against the Bengals on Monday night. Despite an earlier report saying "he should be fine", Brown looks to be a true game-time decision. Source: Jeremy Fowler on Twitter What are us Brown owners to do? I'm playing one of the worst teams in my league this week thankfully, so I think I'm going to just sit him to be safe. The Monday night situation is not ideal.
  5. NoSurrender

    Would you make this trade?

    Give E.Lacy & A.Johnson Get A.Brown 12 Team League- Standard Scoring - non ppr Start - QB, 2RB, 2WR, TE, W/R/T, K, DST My team: QB: (Streaming) C.Palmer RB: E.Lacy A.Bradshaw R.Hillman M.Ball J.Hill I.Crowell A.Blue WR: D.Bryant M.Sanu D.Hopkins A.Johnson TE: T.Kelce K: C.Santos DST: (Streaming) Kansas City
  6. Koin

    Pick 3

    RBs: Le'Veon Bell (Pit), Donald Brown (SD), Knile Davis (KC), Rashad Jennings (NYG) Bell is a lock but need some help on the other 2. Not PPR. Thanks peeps.
  7. Monte Ball, Alfred Morris, Pierre Thomas or Donald Brown need to start two. Help please! .5 PPR
  8. Ok WW Trade question: (1PT PPR) Pick up Brown or Rainey Should I Drop Ivory,Forcett or is a wash and will get same production outta them? Or should I target B.pierce in trade for Colston or Boldin QB-Brady Cousins RB-Stacy Ivory Forcett D-will WR-Marshall Dez Maclin Tate TE-Donnell Reed
  9. So we have completed our rookie draft and first come first served waivers, and I feel almost guilty with riches. As of right now, I have all of the following rookies on my practice squad: Watkins Matthews Benjamin Lee Robinson Latimer West Hyde Bortles With Moncrief and John Brown still available, do I dare dump both JAC rookies for those two? I like both Robinson and Lee, but hard to know for sure what they can do at this point. I like the fact that Bortles will be at the helm, but then again, Hurns and Shorts may end up starting. Moncrief has the skills and a great QB for the future, while Brown has looked the best of the group. Thoughts???
  10. darkhorse2

    Need RB help

    A little help....need to pick one: A. Brown NYG B. Tate HOU J. Bell DET 2nd week of playoffs
  11. I have Andre Brown in as my flex now but against a solid Seahawks D, I'm thinking of possibly going with Spiller? I also have Trent, and Jordy Non-PPR
  12. dkhasidy

    pick 2 of 3

    hi guys, pick two of three to start. antonio brown, jordie nelson or josh gordon. already played b marsh. going well. my concerns are antonio vs jets d, gordon and his steller qb, or lack there of, and nelson vs web. as it stands now, im sitting nelson. what do you guys think? im 4-1, and seperating with another win. rest of my team is rivers, L bell, j charles, B marsh, cameron. link me and ill give help back. thanks
  13. Hey Guys, Have 3 flex spots I need to fill, 1 pt PPR. I have been tossing this around but here are my options, Alfred Morris @ GB Pierre Garcon @ GB Bowe v. Dal L Miller @ Ind Tate v. Tenn J. Bell @ Ari I currently have Brown, Morris and Garcon in. Brown obviously makes me nervous with Pitts line but bottom line is they are going to have to throw it to someone. Morris has be nervous as well because I am going to assume the Skins get behind early and have to throw which makes my choice of Garcon easier. Do I leave it as is or risk any of the other guys?
  14. Hey guys, looking for some input from the FF community. I am in yahoo FF standard PPR league. I have the following WR's...who would you start/sit? Eric Decker Antonio Brown Brian Hartline Miles Austin Need to fill one more WR spot to go along with Calvin Johnson. Thanks guys and good luck to you all.