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How can you not root for Tim Tebow?

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1 hour ago, edjr said:

the upper echelon of college recruits only go to schools that prepare kids for the pros

Yup, would be stupid for any top prospect to treat college any other way.  Honestly, their only thought process should be, how can this school better my chances of going pro.

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4 hours ago, TimmySmith said:

Tebow's career is based on 2/3 of one season. 1700 passing yards, 660 rushing.  12 ints, 6 picks.  Winning 7 out of 11.   He won a home playoff game.   Seems like his skills were sufficient to be a productive NFL QB.   Your own favorite QB, and the offense for your own favorite team is not predicated on getting the ball downfield. 



He averaged 123 ypg passing during that season in 11 starts. Do you want a QB who will give you 123 ypg?

Don’t even talk about Brady not getting the ball downfield. Tebow was not even a 50% completion guy. 

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