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#6307527 Major hurricane Florence

Posted by OldMaid on 12 September 2018 - 07:19 PM

Raise your hand  if anyone thinks Digby should just climb in the dishwasher and turn it on-we wouldn’t want him to miss the hurricane experience.

#6306199 “Racist” cartoon drawn of Serena Williams

Posted by OldMaid on 11 September 2018 - 12:42 PM

I'm still trying to figure out how this cartoon is racist.. It bares a striking similarity to her for real. :dunno:

Or even this one: https://s.yimg.com/n...2f7b1575656f2c3

#6305467 Nike sales up

Posted by OldMaid on 10 September 2018 - 05:51 PM

But I don't respect a person who uses the national anthem or the flag to make their point. There are other methods. And I won't buy a product that is made by a company that endorses it. Plus the slave labor issue always bothered me.

I guess that’s your prerogative. :thumbsup:

I happen to think what makes our country so great, is that people have the freedom to express themselves. People might not like it, but at least they can.

#6302892 Mystic Pizza

Posted by OldMaid on 07 September 2018 - 05:49 PM

That’s Sarah Jessica Parker

:nono: That’s horsehead.

#6301742 Colin Kaepernick collusion case is heating up!

Posted by OldMaid on 06 September 2018 - 05:38 PM

It sure is a good thing Nike never made American flag shoes... It’d be the Kobayshi Maru for rednecks.

#6292392 12 Geeks 1 Cup

Posted by OldMaid on 24 August 2018 - 04:43 PM

dropping to 10 would work best.  With shots being the other.  As of this post, you are offinally out.  
You're welcome back next year


Thanks shots, that was really nice of you. :wub:

#6277744 12 Geeks 1 Cup

Posted by OldMaid on 01 August 2018 - 09:44 PM

you answered the way my wife(36c) answers questions...by not really answering.

At least I didnt ask you to take the garbage cans out to the curb. :P

#6275449 12 Geeks 1 Cup

Posted by OldMaid on 29 July 2018 - 01:49 PM

volty- on a selfish note, sorry to see you go.  you're a good man charley brown.

This.  Id rather you stay, and we drop the last guy we let in. Youre a much better guy all the way around and back again.

Edit: Almost forgot to vote... Im for keeping things the same, but will be fine if we add RB to the flex position, I guess.

#6272065 CBS BB 20

Posted by OldMaid on 24 July 2018 - 12:00 PM

I promise you, Bayleigh has never been strung up from a tree, nor her parents or likely her parents parents.
When does it end? when will they stop pretending to care and fake outraging about it?

I don’t have a problem with her being offended by the word. Where it starts to lose me, is when that offense is taken out of context, like she did with J.C. He wasn’t directing it at her, and was just trying to make a point.

Would it have been better if he had just said n-word? Probably...

But to say no one but blacks can use that word, bothers me. If it’s part of a discussion and not being hurled as a slur, there shouldn’t be outrage.

I’m also not on board, that as a white woman, I can’t sing song lyrics that have that word in it.

#6256179 Your favorite workout?

Posted by OldMaid on 01 July 2018 - 03:39 PM

Trail running/hiking.  (I’m doing the SoCal 6 pack of Peaks this year. 3 down- 3 to go.)
HIIT cardio

#6255820 12 Geeks 1 Cup

Posted by OldMaid on 30 June 2018 - 08:25 PM

Ive commished a few leagues but I honestly cant commish this year. Ill be busy with school and clinicals. Hopefully, someone else can. Why not shotsy?


No wait....



#6128352 Sad Songs

Posted by OldMaid on 13 January 2018 - 11:09 PM

Don't take the girl - Some country artist

Tim McGraw... and I’ll raise you: If Tomorrow Never Comes and The Dance by Garth Brooks.

#6112556 *** Official tip one back for rholio thread — 9pm ET ***

Posted by OldMaid on 22 December 2017 - 11:05 PM

Had 3 shots of sake in Rholio’s honor with dinner, tonight. :cheers:

#6045734 How many of you are left handed?

Posted by OldMaid on 06 October 2017 - 10:13 AM

you don't wipe?

I’m female, therefore I don’t poop. That’s just gross.

But if I did... I’d do it sitting down.

#6038685 Still think they aren't protesting military?

Posted by OldMaid on 28 September 2017 - 11:37 AM

We still don't have the sad banana emoticon :sadbanana:
or :facepalm:

We have :doh:  

For some reason - mebbe it's because I do this on an iPad - I don't even see the emoticons, and can only input them if I already know the BBCode for them.  Tried all the settings; nothing.

For some reason this site identifies as a cross between a full site and mobile on the iPad. If you use a browser that lets you select the Mac version, you can get access to the emojis and the full editor. I like to use iCab Mobile.

ETA: It also works if you just select desktop site, too.