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    We do. They admit to not liking the violence, but then whine when America takes it's cities back. It's a hell of a stance, you literally cannot go wrong....I hate the people breaking the law, but I also hate the people stopping them. These guys need to be in ghey pron. With two sides of a mouth they can prolly suck two cocks at once. That's not my cup of tea but I'd bet they could make some side money on the interwebs.
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    Newbie hiding on 90 acres. Scared shitless.
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    White gangs roving Fishtown keeping order with the blessing of the police. You'd better go out and confront them instead of cowering inside posting on message boreds.
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    Antifa representatives now telling National Guard and Trump supporters to "Bring it on Mutha Fvckas"
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    I took a gander at our sister website and just want to commend our Trump hating posters. For the most part they are against violent looters destroying cities and assaulting innocent civilians. At our sister site they are almost to a man defending the violent looters and their right to burn down buildings and assault innocent civilians. We have the best Trump haters.
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    I hate to break this to you but they’re already using tear gas in the actual city I live in and I haven’t complained about it. I support peaceful protestors. I don’t support looters and rioters.
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    That guy is the Anti- Newbie. Walking the walk.
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    Next time I'm scared it'll be the first time. Hth
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    Remember when Trump was viscously attacked for saying Covid-19 would magically disappear?
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    Might be worth a flier 15th round pick.
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    Equally is perfect... and it's what we have now. Your side still pretends it's not true. Your side encourage's and supports policies that keep them down. That's racist and your side. The fact that you don't see that is because you have been brainwashed. Get your head out of the sand my friend.
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    Nope, you just backed yourself in a corner. I just saved you many of keystrokes and mouse button likes or dislikes when the hammer is finally dropped on the looters and vandals. I don't want to hear any whining when the tear gas is sent and the rubber bullets are flying. You agreed it needs to stop, so you forfeit the right to whine when America takes it's cities back.
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    The overwhelming majority of people agree that that the cop should be charged. The overwhelming majority of people agree with or at least understand the peaceful protests that are happening during the day. Hardly anyone is arguing otherwise. Simple question for MDC, Honcho, Newbie, etc. Do you support the night time looting, vandalism, violent riots that happen when the sun goes down? Yes or No
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    I just realized that the commander at the ISS is a guy that I knew when we were in HS and college. He is cousins with a couple of my good friends. Never realized he went from the Navy to NASA stuff.
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    Trip down memory lane this thread. I remember when this virus was a thing people cared about.
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    Patrick Mahomes posted a statement to his Twitter account saying "the senseless murders that we have witnessed are wrong and cannot continue in our country," Adam Teicher of ESPN reports. "Are you referring to the South Side of Chicago?" 'No, what's going on there?"
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    I went back a few pages since I could not remember the specific instance, again it is rather overt. So here is where racist will diverge from normal people, your point to "satisfy the black community" is overtly racist. Your inclination to assign a single way of perception, thought and demands to a group based purely on skin color is racist, just like Biden suggesting that not voting for him means one is not black. This is the same tired racist way of thinking that has allowed Democrats to systematically disenfranchise the african american community for decades, its sick, its pathetic....
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    I think it should be the descendants of the Africans that captured and sold them to people around the world. If they just treated their people with respect, none of this would have happened. The streets here wouldn't be filled with rioters. In fact, I want reparations for having to deal with this shlt.
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    There are gonna be riots over this!!!!!! Oh wait.
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    Does Newbie and the other far leftists have the courage to watch this truth bomb? Only 15 minutes. But a fukking major truth bomb.
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    Do y’all remember the good ole days when your government got mad and threatened arrest if you went to the park or beach with your family?
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    This thread is so May 2020.
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    Used to go to the Black Cat Lounge back in the day in Austin. Would hit the cheesy bar across the street. .69 anything in the house. At 10:00 on Tuesday's Bob Schneider's band at the time, Joe Rockhead, would throw down and on Thursday's was Soul Hat. $1.00 Pabst Blue Ribbon and free help yourself hot dogs Knew I had it good back in the early nineties, I guess I realized it, I sure do miss it sometimes. Early 90's Austin >>>> Today's Austin, damn secret got out. Today, Freddie's backyard, $2 tall boy Pabst, Lonestar, and Milwaukee's best. Playscape for the kids, washer's for the big boys. Austin chix abound.
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    If there is a group of a hundred people and 10 throw bricks and attack innocent people do you want the police to send in tear gas to the group or should they go in andask all 100 "who through the spitball" like this is focking kindergarten.