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    The mystery of how he managed to stay healthy for the majority of this season has been solved!
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    "He has also pledged to name the first Black woman to the Supreme Court if he is able to fill a vacancy." Yeah, so if someone came out and said they would name a white guy well before even knowing if there will be a vacancy over the next 4 years, how would that go over? Liberals are so stupid.
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    But swallowing Greek god full of bullshit from random biased, unsourced websites is pure genius. Lol. Wow
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    It doesn't matter what I say. You'll just find a way to disagree with it if it doesn't cuddle up exactly with your belief set. Which kind of underscores the point. You claim someone is unfamiliar with questioning authority while you parrot everything Clownzo says and call someone a liberal if they question him. Just more gish galloping from the alt-right peanut gallery.
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    Yeah, the problem with these cut and paste jobs like we see above is that you think you're going to win on volume alone? Honestly, remind yourself that just because it's on a conspiracy website and it says the word fraud! Doesn't mean it's fraud. Let me give you an example. I chose one at random from that ginormous list above. The 2560 issue from Georgia. Now Georgia looked into it, including the Republican secy of state that Trump endorsed and they found out that sure enough somebody forgot to download that information. At the time, they had no way of knowing whether that information was a net win for Trump or for biden. They just forgot. Because you know why? Most election workers are retired folks with an average age of 72. The Republican Secretary of State came right out and said yeah that person screwed up. They did an audit and as I recall, it ended up being a net win for Biden. But even if every single vote had gone Trump's way? Trump was so blown out of water in Georgia that it wouldn't have mattered one bit at all. So what do you do you take away from that? It's fraud! Because Rudy and Donnie and their pack of deranged lawyers all scream the word fraud! As loud as they can and you wet yourself without applying any sort of research or common sense. Again, if someone finds a bag of undelivered ballots? You guys immediately scream fraud! When there's absolutely no fraud whatsoever. People can still request a ballot. They can go in person and vote. They can pick up a ballot, they can have one mailed to them there are any number of options. But Simply Having a dead guy on your voting rolls who doesn't vote. Because he's dead. Isn't fraud. Any more than not receiving your ballot isnt fraud. like not receiving your Bed Bath and Beyond 20% coupon isn't fraud. Having somebody who didn't change their address when they moved? Isn't fraud. My dad got ballots in the mail long after he died. Because, turns out when you're dying? Your first thought isn't to go and change your voter registration card. It's just not focking fraud And this is why kids? Every single time Trump's group of moron minions goes into court they get laughed out on their ass even by Trump appointed judges! Lesson for the day? Learn what fraud actually is and is not.
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    It was on Peacock originally... You could try: https://www1.watch-series.la/serie/lost_speedways https://www3.f2movies.to/tv/lost-speedways-62803
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    It was on Peacock originally but they have also been playing them on NBCSN at times. I watched a few of the episodes on NBCSN and enjoyed them. I downloaded the rest and watched them. Unfortunately, there are only 8 episodes to the season but they're all really good.
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    https://babylonbee.com/news/biden-all-female-communications-team-wont-tell-nation-whats-wrong-nation-should-already-know Biden All-Female Communications Team Won't Tell Nation What's Wrong, Nation Should Already Know
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    Not even the most deranged Trump haters believe that Sleepy Senile Groping Joe got more votes than Black Jesus. Everyone knows this election was a fraud. Karma is a biotch. Whether it is through the courts, through the state legislatures, or through the 2nd Amendment justice will be served. Trump won the popular vote and 400+ EVs. Facts. Anyone who participated in the fraud (politicians, media, citizens, foreign agents) deserves to be lined up on the National Mall and receive a bullet to the brain. Thanks to Trump's recent proposal that could be a reality.
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    I remember that great combo when I started , Montana to Rice, and also Young to Rice, was always a first round pick, back then it was all non ppr.
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    If you have to start this guy in week 12, your team is in trouble
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    Now he’ll be no longer on the field.
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    I figured at some point you'd realize how intellectually outmatched you were and take the easy way out of engaging me in debate. I totally get that. I'll be around. Take care.
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    If the tables were turned, and it was biden in total control at the end of election night, then Trump somehow got 10s of thousands of votes in just a few hours the next morning, with none of them going to biden, and all the states flipped to Trump, the liberals would be out in record numbers burning down cities across the nation. And the TDS freaks on this site would be out of their minds even worse than they normally are. Simply truths to understand these liberals when trying to debate with them.