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    Shotsup got his first Pfizer shot today. Next up 5/4/21. May the 4th with me.
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    That would be incorrect. Research should continue on renewables and maybe one day they will be viable on an industrial scale. Nuclear is proven to be viable on an industrial scale. Unfortunately, politics will prevent it from being used more widely. Poor developing countries around the world can not afford renewables or nuclear. This fact is totally lost on Biden/AOC and people that support the farce that is the Paris accord.
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    According to HT, if he played for the Giants, he would be automatically in the HoF...
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    I so hope that Chauvin gets acquitted. I want to see this sh!t burn. The rage from all angles will be priceless. :praying:
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    Absolutely. Lessons learned on the field will translate into their future careers as adults. People don't realize how much confidence it takes to work a stripper pole.
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    Ehhh....whichever way keeps all the crazies in the cities. I dont want any sprawl. Let normal people in the country enjoy the wilderness and peace that comes with it. We dont want these people. We are happy to see them stay in cities and govern themselves. Ill pay higher taxes if it means people stay put. Ill go through another pandemic. Ill let all of sports go woke. But all I ask is stay the F away. We get along just fine out here through all this BS.
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    This story sounds like BS. You've been sitting on it for what? 30 years? And when it finally comes out everyone who can provide facts happens to be dead.
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    Maybe they'll become cops now
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    You seem extra snarky today; disappointed that another liberal experiment has gone awry? Good point about Volty though; since Portland is around the corner from Minneapolis, you are in a much better position to track activities there. If only there were a medium which provided virtually unlimited information almost instantly, then Volty might have a point. I think I’ll invent something like that and call it the “world wide rat’s nest.”
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    Wife and son got Pfizer #2 yesterday. Both just really tired. The wife texted me about an hour ago and said she could barely function at work.
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    Got 1st Pfizer shot yesterday. No side effects per se...........but my arm is sore as hell. Which is unusual - shots never bother me, I donate blood all the time, never get sick, etc.
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    And this should wake the government up but it won't. We no longer trust nor hold them in esteem. We consider them incompetent liars.
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    I imagine there are times where it feels like you signed up for the hundred-yard dash and then realized that you lined up for the mile long race. Think about all the progress you've made so far man. Think about how well your family's been holding up too. Got to be hard on them just as it's hard on you. You guys should start thinking about a family trip. Maybe once in a lifetime kind of thing. Or maybe just a cabin near a lake somewhere. When all this cancer and covid and all the other b******* fades away. It would be a good distraction. Just thinking about the trip just planning it brainstorming - even if it never actually materializes, but I'd hope it does. Wishing you all the best Jerry. Kick ass Falco!
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    Season 3 is out
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    when i take viagra, tic tacs everywhere are jealous.
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    Sooo.... If your daughter's having trouble scoring...
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    Interchangeable part. See Welker, Wess. Some of you need to stay away from football talk.
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    Yeah this is dumb. I mean of course Tucker Carlson spouts vague white supremacist theories on Fox News. It’s basically what the whole network is for
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    Support for an infrastructure bill is virtue signaling now? Alrighty then.