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    Hey all, the good news is I'm out and fine. The bad news is I'm out too early, they couldn't get it all. I haven't talked directly to the doc yet but wanted to let you know I'm recuperating well, in fact I may go home tonight, tomorrow at the latest.
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    How anyone can vote Dem is just a mothafukin mystery to me.
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    Didn’t look so sleepy at the convention speech. Or the last couple primary debates. And I expect he’ll come out forceful in debates with Trump, may mop the floor with him just like he basically destroyed Paul Ryan’s political career in 2012.
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    Or it’s the neighborhood bar that slowly replaced the attractive waitresses and cool sports memorabilia over time. Then you realize there’s a rainbow flag sticker on the door, some obscure soccer league is on all the screens, the staff looks like the Village People and the jukebox plays Coldplay. When you drive by you look to see if it ever went back to normal.
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    The people of Portland spoke last election, and that's who they wanted as Mayor. They deserve EVERY ounce of misery they voted for. We need to prevent them from moving instead.
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    When you're a minor who wasn't supposed to have a gun, but the guy you killed was a pedophile. "Penalties offset, 1st Down!"
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    Braindead, with a woman ready to take over. But enough about the Democrats, what's this about North Korea?
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    This is a fair analogy. Except it’s not that we aren’t over her. It’s that she turned herself into a crack wh0re and we can’t turn away from the train wreck.
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    It's not difficult to figure out. It happens because people can't / don't follow the forum rules and guidelines.
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    He's certainly a hero to me. Ordinary citizens can use the help of volunteers to step up when the vested authorities are overwhelmed. Also, all three pieces of sh*t he shot were violent criminals and good riddance to two and a half lives that don't matter. It seems to indicate that you can't toss a nerf beanbag into a crowd of antifa without hitting an evil scumball. If I ran a toy company, I'd make a Kyle Rittenhouse action hero figure and have three other toys in the set: Pedo, Shitbag, and Turdbucket. Kyle would have Kyle's face but be built like Rambo and Shitbag would come with a detachable arm.
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    I love these threads where KSB 'sincerely' asks a question, moderates a debate and eventually arrives at a conclusion that validates his world views.
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    Big deal: the 76ers didn’t show up to ALL FOUR of their games.
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    I would love it if the whole NBA boycotted themselves for the remainder of time.
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    Didn't watch it (just like the DNC), but if the MSM and FBG hated it, I know it was good...
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    First of all, thanks to all for the continued good thoughts, and I'm happy to see some old friends from other parts of the internets dropping a note. TL;dr -- Surgery got most but not all of the tumor. Next step is either more surgery or radiation/chemo. We'll know more in a few weeks. We are still long-term optimistic, although there may be a "new normal." I'm home now and typing on a keyboard so I can provide a little more detail. Basically, the surgery wasn't really a success. They got the main tumor/blockage out of my throat so I'm breathing much better, but it goes to places which prohibited them from getting it all with this particular surgery (laser from the inside). Had they been able to get it all, they'd have also taken out the lymph chains on both sides, hence a much longer surgery. I'd also have ended up with a feeding tube for a few weeks because of much more work inside there. In about 6 weeks I'd have done a low-dose radiation schedule to catch any stragglers. But... that didn't pan out so here are the options at the moment: 1. Surgical: Come in from the outside, remove my voice box (total laryngectomy) and all of the cancer on my hypopharynx (above larynx). Plus lymph removal, low-dose rad like above. Involves some reconstruction of the hypopharynx so could compromise swallowing some. This gets all of the cancer and has a higher survival rate but, umm, note the no voice box part. Google Val Kilmer. However, there is some technology which seems to enable people to talk fairly normally which we need to investigate. One example is atosmedical.us 2. Non-surgical: high-dose radiation + chemo. Meeting the radiation oncologist next Wed to discuss (we already discussed the low-dose). Figure I might sport the bald look for a while from the chemo. Longer term, radiation basically scars you so my swallowing could be compromised, anywhere from none to full (full diet to feeding tube in the stomach). Feeding tube is unlikely, average would be small diet restrictions. Might not work or might actually grow tumor, in which case we go to the surgical option. Surgery has the higher survival rate, but I'm learning that is a phrase of questionable meaning. For one, this particular cancer is fairly uncommon so they don't have much statistical data. Much more important is that I'm youngish, healthy, fit, not doing bad habits, and not exhibiting any of the symptoms they think I should. So my comparison survival population is not an old, fat, diabetic, hypertensive chain smoker. So I'm inclined to go with option 2. Seems like we can revert to surgery if needed. But again, we are still in data collection mode. Yesterday was a bit disappointing with the lack of surgical success, but I'm feeling a little better today about the long term prospects.
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    So you’re for liberalism, but you don’t want to pay for it. That doesn’t work.
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    MSM will simply make slight changes to their narrative and businesses will reopen and the economy will pick up and praise would be heaped on Biden. ”Experts agree, President Biden’s Mask Mandate is working. Covid deaths and hospitalization is actually decreasing. Although new infections continue, symptoms are mostly mild. Opening business has jump started the economy. Everyone agrees, this is the leadership the country has been looking for.“
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    Maybe the GOP shouldn't have "trotted them out" so that Joy Reid could complain about the lack of diversity instead.
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    Reginal Denny thaught me not to break for protestors.
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    At first they were mad about Pompeo speaking because he is a cabinet member, and Hatch Act prevents members of executive branch from campaigning. Then they realized in 2012 Obama's Sec of Int, Sec of HHS, Sec of Ag, Sec of Ed, Sec of VA, and Admin of SBA all spoke at the convention. Six cabinet members. So they pivoted to "Pompeo spoke while on foreign soil" which has nothing to do with the Hatch Act. People were already riled up about the Hatch Act so when the facts came out it didn't matter. As for speaking from the White House, that is a problem they created on their own with COVID hysteria. Gov Cooper of NC can accept responsibility for this one as he is the one that told the RNC they could not hold a convention with large crowds. Trump took #stayathome to heart so he held the acceptance speech at his home. The fact is no matter where he gave the speech it would have been protested and called irresponsible/corrupt. Remember 4th of July at Mt Rushmore? Or the Tulsa rally before that? And apparently the NH rally tonight triggered the poster above. There is no winning with them. So Trump did what Trump does, went huge and made it as pro America as possible, in front of a thousand people with hardly any masks. And it drove them crazy. Many are saying it will be regarded as one of the greatest acceptance speeches in convention history.
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    I thought this thread was crazy. Each day that passes, the scale tips a bit more. Interesting reading some of the early comments in the thread.
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    come on Honcho..he said he can't quite put his finger on it and he is not being facetious. he must sincerely want to hear what HT, Idiot99, 90s, etc have to say to clear this up.
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    Because it doesn't affect you and because you don't experience it, you think it doesn't exist.