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    How are they gonna have a Little Mermaid who can't swim?
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    "have our board back", "stop feeding the troll"???? What board, the one that has been ruined for years by the same old ass clowns - going round and round and round and round.......day and night over the same political shiit? That board? The board where the same fixated clowns ruin damn near every thread bcoz the can't help themselves from making it about politics - that board? Deep down the ass clowns are happy, make that ecstatic, to have Newbs back They've missed him like a prisoner misses poosay - hell they're prolly still beating off to him at night when they go home... They're obsessed with him, they can't stay away. They're not feeding him anything - what their feeding is their own pathetic appetite to feel superior. to just focking argue all day.
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    It’s possible they gave a writer the rundown of the movie and described Ariel as a GINGER and that writer happened to be dyslexic.
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    "There was a little girl that sucked and focked her way to the top, and that little girl was me."
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    Your truth makes my head hurt.
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    I think the amazing part is a peenie thread from 2014 that's still around
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    I wonder if Nike is aware that the 13% they are targeting steal more shoes than they purchase....
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    free health care for illegals and they all support it... fock off all
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    His only graduation for the rest of his life and he blew it.
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    I'll wait for wiff, newbie and MDC to respond then divide their outrage by a factor of four.
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    I gotta go with either Night Shift or Mr. Mom.
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    I don’t remember the little mermaid story. Does her boyfriend knock her up and then go to prison? If so, sounds like the right move by Disney.
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    Newbs windmilling like the retard on the schoolyard hoping to land a shot. Same ol meathead.
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    Arizona canceling all financial incentives they were going to give Nike to build a plant there.
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    9 inches? We talking after a swim?
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    Women's soccer is gotten better now that it's gone coed.
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    Trump has to be laughing his ass off with this bumbling idiot clown show.
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    Too bad there were no little Zimmerman's in that class.
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    Put me down for a vote for ass of rat. Newbie or not, the observer is an irritating troll. I don't care who he is.
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    Its funny how people are lining up and walking hundreds of miles to get in these concentration camps and get their babies thrown in cages.
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    Never understood this and I have said it for years on this board. First, you can ask with how being gay isn't a choice. Why would anybody choose such a lifestyle when it's just so awfully awful to be a gay person? And then you hit us with gay pride. what the f*** are you so proud about? I thought you were born this way. Entire anthems have been written about that. If you truly are born that way than what the f*** are you still crying about? What's next? having left-handed pride month. Or Ginger pride month? End of the day, the core of being gay is a sex act. Nothing more. On the flamboyance and looting voice and assorted fagotry is an affectation. You might as well walk around quacking like a duck. You weren't born quacking like a duck. You weren't born loving pink. You weren't born with that lilting faggety voice. That's you announcing to the community of fellow gays that you're one of them. again, the core issue is what type of sex you like to have. Where you like to stick your . And where you like pricks being stuck. If we're going to start going down this road, then we might as well have cunnilingus pride month. After that? Cleveland Steamer month. Etc. What exactly are you so f****** proud of? Why do you insist on f****** up everybody else's pride festivals like the saint Patrick's Day parade? and any kind of sex you want with anybody you want as long as there are an adult and willing. But if you want to keep the government out of your bedroom. Then keep your bedroom out of the public.
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    If I were in charge of the border, I would make Trump's policies look like childs play. I'd have roving packs of wild dogs, marauders, and landmines along the border. Any illegal who makes it through gets launced back over the Rio Grande from a giant slingshot.
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    I doubt his d!ck is that big. But you do you