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    This. Besides Keith Urban, how many butch lesbians can Australia have, anyway?
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    Shoulda went with Help Wanted - Must Be Able To Swim
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    Why do SJWs hate dentists? They want to make teeth straight and white.
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    What do you say to a feminist with no arms or legs? Nice t1ts, biich.
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    Would be funny if someone re-opens the cafe and names it Slut Burger. Make the all-female staff dress like whores.
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    Keep in mind a 40 inch Pike is a master angler fish. I caught this beastly thing on hook with no weights. Just 2 grub worms. One yellow and one red. Shakespeare microlight rod and a Meijer reel. 20 lb braid with NO LEAD. It was like hooking Moby in a kayak on flat water. https://ibb.co/myWfK2B
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    What do you call a math class full of SJWs? Triggernometry
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    Finally, an honest ad. As I've said before, the great thing About getting resumes from black people is their dumbass names get them a one way ticket to the trash can faster. You don't even have to bother interviewing them. "Oh let's see here..D'kane Aweae-Maleek, yeah, pass .."
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    Qualified applicants must be able to pronounce ASK
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    Get on the grey phone and tell them that you need all of the fudge packers in the break room asap.
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    Well, In fairness, they are the most bizarre looking of the races. The hair is completely f***** up. You don't see that with any other race. Those giant ass lips, squid colored gums, jaundice eyes, those gorilla noses... Let's face it, their kind of ugly is more than skin deep.
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    I was thinking the same thing. Seems like a raw deal. So when she eventually divorces him for some reason, she gets the kids because he was never home.
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    Better watch out sderp, I might conjure up another snatch demon to take care of you.
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    AOC, the only bartender that couldn’t make Trump a White Russian
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    With the certificate expired I was able to hack into the following FBG users and get their passwords: Timschochet - Iluvhillary sho nuff - proudtroll TobiasFunke - Ihavenolife The Commish - menotknoweconomics Henry Ford - believemeiamalawyer squistion - callmeburt whoknew - russia!!! JuniorNB - myiqis75 Dickies - ilooklikemypicture SaintsInDome2006 - echochamber>geekclub
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    They took the last train to shartsville
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    You can get it on a mug. https://urbandictionary.store/products/mug?_sp=dc2accfe-8b52-4439-ac73-c6d7d54c1ecc.1556027756867&defid=79670&utm_campaign=onpage&utm_source=define&utm_medium=web
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    So when you become despised by nearly everyone on a low-rent, obscure, lightly trafficked fantasy football message board --- exactly where do you go from there? Asking for a 'friend'
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    I'm fine. You're a pathetic loser.
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    Did you also draw your name from a Scrabble bag?