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Presidential Decision

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1 hour ago, titans&bucs&bearsohmy! said:

That is ridiculous and extremely bad for the country. Nothing good will come from uncertainty post election day.

This election has the makings of a show of truly epic proportions.


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10 hours ago, nobody said:

Have the posters here mentally prepared themselves for the touchdown celebrations that are going to take place by the left leaning posters here when Trump loses?  Or is the plan just to take a week off?  I'd suggest you start preparing your aliases now.  It won't be pretty.

Trump losing would be utterly soul crushing. I've been on the losing end of a soul crushing presidential election before and it is not fun: it was 2004 when we voted for four more years of pointless wars and massive budget deficits as far as the eye could see. My God, I despised Dubya. I was eyeball deep in Bush Derangement Syndrome.

I thought that four more years of oceans of red ink would drown the country. Really, this was a major reason for my decision to leave the country, it was 2001, I was 29 years old and terrified of irresponsible budget deficits cratering the whole system into a massive collapse sometime in my lifetime. Looking back at how it hasn't happened despite two large recessions and twenty years now of incredible deficits under presidents and Congresses of both parties leaves me in shock.  I'd loved the balanced budgets of 1999 and 2000. Re-electing Bush in 2004 seemed to me at the time to be courting economic Armageddon. Moving to China proved to be a good decision anyway but to this day, I simply do not understand how the US economy has continued to thrive rather than crash and burn and sink in the ocean of debt by now. It remains a head scratcher on my part. I just know it hasn't.

2020 also feels like an existential threat. Cancel culture running rampant. Universities pumping out Marxists. (I mean, I saw them trying to do it when I was in school, I went to Wayne State after all, but I'd assumed they were howling at the moon and that 95% of us were smart enough not to fall for that sh*t.) Critical race theory and the cult of Woke. Fake racism taken seriously, fake police abuse accusations taken seriously, Big Tech censorship... It's like all the good, honest decent, normal people are Republicans and we're being squeezed and at the brink of losing the cultural war for the soul of the country to a Democratic Party alliance of corporatist-globalist elites with tons of money who don't care about us and would hapily move all jobs overseas and replace us with low cost immigrants skilled/unskilled legal or no, and Woke socialist rich trust fund idiots who hate the country and everything it stands for. The enemy within is now in full site: named, exposed and identified and we recognize it's danger. If we can win this election, we can turn the cultural tide against it and maybe in a generation stomp it out. We also need the red ink economic bubble that I don't know why it hasn't exploded to continue to not explode and for the Dems to be wrong on global warming, which I'm not convinced they are.

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If Trump were to lose it would be a shame, for multiple reasons.

- Liberals have a taste of victory, think they have some validation, not good

- Minorities will again face the brutality of liberal policies, unemployment rises, more crime etc

- I think leftists will then control the government to a large extent, crushing the economy with policies doomed to failure

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