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    Outside of Wallace and Shep, there is exactly zero credibility on that network,
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    About 35 years ago my younger brother (14 at the time) came to me whining about a bully; I told him to stop being a poosay, but then he showed me his arm where the bully had apparently cut it with a hatchet. Not life threatening or anything, but a decent scrape. I said whoa, we need to tell Dad. My dad was maybe 5'9", 180. The bully was 6'3", 220. Dad said to wait at home while he went to confront the "kid." Of course we didn't listen and we trailed behind him. The bully was sitting on his bike with his arms crossed as my dad approached. I remember thinking my (much smaller) dad was going to get beat up. But he walked up to the bike and without breaking stride grabbed the front wheel and threw it up into the air. Bully crashed down on his back and head, Dad stood over him, and said that if he ever touched his son again he would beat the ever living crap out of him. Suffice it to say he never did. I've learned from this thread that apparently that was felony assault. But back in the day, if that bully had told his dad the whole story, I'm pretty sure he'd have gotten his ass kicked by his own dad. Times have changed. 🤔
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    That is so awesome! Hopefully the Bull also caught those guys in the nads so they can't breed.
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    I don't realize any of that, so thanks for the info. I also don't personally believe that there is an "emergency" at the border. And I live in a border state. I support a wall where experts say a wall will help, and other technology in other places. In 4-8 years I don't want a "national emergency" on shiot like climate change. Maybe SCOTUS would shoot it down but... we have a process for getting budgets approved, let's stick with that IMO.
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    🤣 Bless your heart. The retard forum is here
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    I think the falling off the roof scene from The Adventures of Ford Fairlane was the best one ever. "Oh, my hair". Dice was awesome for a bit back then.
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    I heard a clip this morning of Al Sharpton saying if this is truly a hoax, that they should go after Smollett with the same veracity he lobbied for going after the guys he thought did this initially. I was shocked to hear Rev Al. say this, but good for him.
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    Poor Camel is worn out from teaching both driver's ed and sex ed in the same day.
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    Maybe Honcho can rewrite the title of this to read "White Powerlifter stands over black man while incapacitated"
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    Guys who wear Chuck E. Cheese costumes don’t grudge f anyone. Just sayin.
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    Trump spending 0.05 of the budget will destroy all that pork.
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    That echos back to my original point. The border wall is nothing new. It has been extended, new portions built and improved throughout the years, by both parties. Only now things have changed and NPCs like Kanil and Wiff can only see that orange man bad so we must #resist everything he does
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    The difference here is I'm the one saying it's stupid for either side to do it. You're defending the republican party for doing it and saying the democrats were bad for doing it first.
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    CBF must have this thing sewed up by now, right?
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    I suppose I could be called something a "trophy hunter" at this point. I hunt deer and elk but my family doesn't really care for wild meat so I don't just kill the first legal animal I see anymore. These days I will wait for a nicer buck or bull to come along. We will eat some of it but most of it I will give away. It actually results in animals living that in the old days I would have dropped. But yeah, a guy who pays $100k to travel around the world and shoot a focking goat is another deal.
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    You could get a Pakistani virgin for less than that.