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    This morning my daughter said that at her church, year after year, they struggle to get people to volunteer to teach children's classes for Sunday school. When she was in college she struggled to get people to volunteer to tutor kids in after school programs. She said people feel good to protest for one event but won't give their time to really help kids in need. I agree. As for the looting...it makes me just want to hide in shame. It's really hard to always want to come out and vigorously defend the death of people who are innocent and died at the hands of police (let alone support of a person with a criminal record) only to have looters completely ruin the message of wanting to be treated with dignity by the police. I also sort of feel a bit manipulated by the media always sending the subtle message that things haven't changed for blacks and that this country is so horrible and racist, when I know there is great change and acceptance. It's sad that these things still happen and thank goodness for the cameras everywhere. We can all agree that this person died unnecessarily and it should spark a change in police training or punishment. I feel so sorry for the local businesses that had nothing to do with the incident that were destroyed and the looters who don't realize that they are exactly why many people fear us.
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    Ok...so met with oncologist about bone marrow biopsy... Everything normal!! Goods news no cancer....bad news...still not sure wtf happened lol. Gonna do some bloodwork...my last one had kidney function almost normal...so thats good and hemoglobin up to 8.9. Maybe everything caused by a fib..kinda chicken egg scenario....did the a fib cause the kindey function to drop which caused the anemia....or the anemia caused the afib...which stressed the kidneys......its an enigma.
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    Looting is a replacement for the holiday they do not participate in. Father's Day.
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    Hmmm.... I'm sure this new found labeling ability will be applied equally.
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    Wanna know the strangest thing here. I did not even vote for Trump and would not vote for him this time either. I voted for Gary Johnson. The thing is that as an independent voter who DID vote for obama TWICE what I see is a bunch of whiny bratty democrats who thought they had it in the bag. They had a nice easy ride to a hillary white house. When they did not happen you decided that the best way was to make sure trump never got a second term. So you have dug your heels in and cried and whined and wasted untold amounts of time on an impeachment that EVERYONE KNEW was not going to result in him being removed from office. So each time you can you drag trump into something new hoping to derail a second term. Just come to grips with that and own it.
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    Fock these people...mow all these pieces of shiit down. All I've seen all day is black people saying if you don't understand the riot then you're not understanding the message. Sorry but I don't give a crap how stealing a big screen TV from target right before you set it on fire produces a message. And if that's the way you have to do it then I don't really give a crap about your message. You have the whole world behind you in unison and you screwed it up. What a surprise.
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    Cop goes overboard, man dies. Most everyone is in agreement that it should be investigated to the fullest. People riot loot and burn their own city anyway.
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    It's not a problem since they want to go that route. Where Twitter is going to have a problem is since they are a publisher they are responsible for everything published on their site. So when people post criminal activities like CP twitter is responsible for it. Right now, twitter is classified as a platform. Meaning they are not responsible for what people post. The geek club is a platform for people to spew their thoughts. Mike is not responsible for what people post here. Like the dummy who threatened the President. That's against the law and the poster was "banned" for it and Mike suffered no consequences as far as I know because this is a platform even for the idiots. On the flip side if Mike publishes an article on the FFToday site calling for the assassination of the president he is responsible for that article. It's a fine line that IMO twitter has crossed when they started to edit and add to comments. They are no longer just providing the figurative platform, but acting as an editorial figure over published content.
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    I haven't read every post in this thread but I've tried my best to keep an eye on what's being said. As far as I can tell no one is arguing this is not a murder. Others are arguing that every T has to be crossed. Every I dotted when you charge these cops. By doing that you ensure justice is served. Which I agree with. Watching your city being destroyed is absolutely disheartening. It is a horrible thing to witness. So I want this resolved ASAP. But I want it done right. It's exactly what HT and Fireballer and others are saying.
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    Your mistake is believing that tolerance ever existed outside of white circles. Minorities only use it to get their group ahead and many whites are dumb enough to buy it.
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    Here ya go Kathy: https://mobile.twitter.com/PressSec/status/1265423211526840321 Dozens of examples
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    Besides my liver?
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    Past presidents also had the advantage of the press corps lobbing softballs and praising their every move rather than non stop absurd gotchas and defending our nation's enemies.
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    Golf course. Everyone at night just climbs the fence and goes and walks 18 holes. Hell throw some m 80s in the pond if you want. My choice anyway.
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    Well now I’m torn on how I want this to play out.
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    So this weekend I made homemade pickles - spicy plus horseradish. Then pickled red onions in red wine vinegar then same with radishes. Soft boiled 1/2 dozen eggs and marinated them in a spicy Asian concoction. I’ll let you know in a week or so.
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    I like the adventures of the Blood Ninja better. "I put on my robe and wizard hat"
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    Did you even read my post? This is why I stop responding to you, and then you get pissy about it. Does the way NY chooses to report nursing home deaths underreport the issue, yes or no? 1/3 of the total US COVID deaths are in NYC and surrounding areas. 1/3. Cuomo sent COVID patients back to nursing homes. Please stop.
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    I’ve always found the best way to get justice is to steal a new TV.
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    Dude, I mean this lovingly because we go back a long time. Newbie, you have lost yourself, it’s one thing to argue politics and opinions, but you’ve become a laughing stock of your formal self. It’s embarrassing, I feel like we need an intervention or something. :sadbanana:
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    Let's be honest. They probably pulled her file and saw she was a shitty employee. That helped get her fired. 2nd, if I saw an employee faking hysterics to induce a desired outcome, that is absolutely someone I would not want on my team. 3rd, everyone keeps saying she simply described him as AA. No, she threatened to call the cops on him first and as part of the threat she said she's going to say he's AA. Including the AA aspect was part of the threat. She then followed through on the threat. She obviously wasn't getting the response she wanted, so she feigned hysteria to get it. Chick is straight up crazy and she tried to use his race against him. That easily crosses the racism threshold.
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    They’re all on Facebook talking about the creep who won’t stop staring at their hair.