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    This has been a challenging year for many, certainly for me. Yet I find myself thankful for being alive and, at the moment anyway, cancer free. I’m thankful that the radiation hasn’t kicked in enough yet to ruin my taste and appetite for Thanksgiving dinner. I’m thankful that my 3 kids will come over to our house today, and we’ll watch football and put up Christmas decorations (I’m not climbing ladders these days) and I’ll regret starting Matthew Stanford but Tannehill vs. the Colts is my other option. Finally, I’m thankful for you mooks. This place and you folks have come to be friends, and have been a big help during my cancer journey so far. I hope all of you find things to be thankful for and enjoy this day.
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    Trump will be charged with something before Hunter Biden will. Since, you know, one committed crimes that are almost surely provable and the other likely did not. Keep on keeping on, guys.
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    Trump gets it. So sad it had to come to this. Now Flynn can go put some of the scum in the FBI in the poorhouse.
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    That's because they sense Trump victory. If Biden actually is sworn in on January 20th, the Market will crash.
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    I know this one guy whose wife took a 30-pound dump out of her vagina.
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    Massive awareness on absurd levels of retarded voter fraud taking place. It's actually beyond retarded. There is no bus short enough to put this BS on. It would have to drop to single axle and deemed a phucking clown rickshaw. The apex of fraud has officially been achieved. Congrats Democrats. You did it! You phucked up the whole election process.
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    I can't believe this guy hung the president-elect in epitome. That is the effigy of classlessness!
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    Dodds would be fine. He's the only conservative who has any power over there and was silenced for expressing his opinions. Think about that. He's one of the top people over there and he was even silenced because he didn't tow the "company" line.
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    LMAO...someone gave all three posts the 'sad face' emoji but no response. I wouldn't admit I support FBI corruption either.
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    Chief Justice John Roberts has assigned oversight of 2020 election legal challenges in the key states - to the conservatives on the Court: Alito will oversee legal challenges in Pennsylvania. Kavanaugh will oversee Michigan challenges. Barrett will oversee Wisconsin. Thomas will oversee Georgia. https://noqreport.com/2020/11/25/president-trumps-final-stand-and-the-legacy-of-the-u-s-supreme-court/ So the SC is already on the way to shutting out the liberal wing as Trump closes in on presenting his first case to them. Alito in charge of Pennsylvania is gonna mean those 20 EVs go up in smoke for Biden lol.
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    Dismissing COVID deaths due to co-morbidities is like being a conservative yet voting for Biden, presumably because Trump is embarrassing or you wanted to impress some divorced SJW on Facebook, then having buyer’s remorse because it hits you that you voted for a dementia patient whose biggest accomplishment is avoiding jail for sniffing young girls’ hair, so you return to a lightly trafficked FF message bored to troll about the pretend awesomeness of the Puppet-In-Chief-Elect-Allegedly as some catharsis because convincing people that you actually believe anything positive about Biden helps to purge the stink of that ill-advised vote.
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    Bill Cosby got in trouble for calling out African-American fathers, before he got into even bigger trouble & lost credibility. When this subject comes up, I always think of this quote & apply it to politicians who are 'trying' to correct this 'issue' “When you want to help people, you tell them the truth. When you want to help yourself, you tell them what they want to hear.” --Thomas Sowell
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    This guy is a cross between Digby and Shonuff. As dumb as the former, as annoying as the latter. Dignuff
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    What is with you guys? Talk about being deranged. Listen2me asked for what Biden's agenda was so I linked to what it is. I didn't take any sides, I didn't criticize Trump and I didn't support Biden. I just shared the info that was asked for. No reason to make something out of nothing here.
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    The election was rigged. You’re an idiot if you don’t see that.
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    I don’t know, not my call who is and isn’t charged. I just go by when they plead guilty to felonies
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    Worst. Beat. Ever. So apparently some stat dweeb somewhere with the NFL felt the need to, 4 days later, closely examine Taysom Hill’s rushes and took 2 rushing yards away from his total. I had won my fantasy matchup by exactly 0.1. Now I’ve lost by 0.1. Un f-ing real.
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    I mentioned in another thread it's sad how little you guys know. You have no focking clue what the fbi did to general flynn and what's worse is you won't even take the time learn.
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    You know what else causes Myocarditis? Covid.
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    Yeah, but she's not the one crying now.
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    Copied off of a Newsmax forum because I think it helps explain Trump's path to victory: Trumps whole case hinges on the SCOTUS ruling that the late ballots in PA don't count because the legislature did not change the law and the governor doesn't have the authority to do so. Once that's done, it closes the gap and puts the whole thing back in play. The second act will be to invalidate any two of Wisconsin/Arizona/Nevada/Georgia vote. If you deny Biden the PA electoral votes, and then deny him any two of the WI/AZ/NV/GA votes, neither reaches 270 by December 14th and Trump wins.
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    He's not worth the trouble. Football is football. It's not a job for activism. F@ck that douche.