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    Always wondered why she wanted me outta there by 11:30
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    I was told to take down my Ivanka Trump calendar. and to put my clothes back on
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    She also has Alzheimer's
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    Plus I'm sure the extra money she brings home doing it doesn't hurt!
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    Footage of Jussie rehearsing the attack with the Nigerian brothers NSFW language
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    I'm going to win the focking day today dadblammit$#@!
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    Cortez was part of a group that was fed nonsense her entire life and actually believed it. Now the left is dealing with the monster they created. And they are losing.
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    I think jamarcus Russel has a place at the table for worst qb bust of all time conversation.
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    If I was one of the reps she is calling out I'd go on national TV and tell her and Nancy to shove it up their asses. They are not my bosses, the people who voted for me are.
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    Pretty sure this is Witten tampering.
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    It's a republican run sex trafficking ring organized by and executed by trump. His Russian shadow affiliates own the plazas. Kraft went and a congratulations from trump for winning the supper bowl. Code words were big Mac or fast food The national championship buffet was televised as a public warning to those in the know to be carful that they are being monitored
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    IMO It mostly refers to bring those jobs back that were lost by disaster agreements like NAFTA. Not running around apologizing for who we are as a country Insisting NATO nations pay their fair share for defense. Strengthening our military and taking care of our vets In a nut shell, putting our country and it's legal citizens first and not being ashamed or allowed to be shamed for doing so. It's more of a what than a when.
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    It appears the point of this thread sailed over the heads of the TDS crowd here. I'll dumb it down for you tards. Trump just announced he is fighting for gays around the world to not be thrown off rooftops. Now the left, and lgtbqpedo community is saying that is bad. Because Orange Man Bad. If Trump cured cancer you dumb focks would find something to complain about.
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