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    Everyone seems ready for nuclear war to start in the next 24 hours. I dont know what to tell you. We did nothing. We let Biden take the white house. We didnt do enough to get him out of there. We failed as a species. Hug your families and your friends.
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    You literally posted what you think, which is why you got that response in the first place.
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    all the experts and people watching closely are all in agreement that it is about to happen. some are just going dark. this is really really bad. i have never seen ALL of them all in agreement on the timing and how imminent it is.
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    I'm sure they already know. They'll just pretend they can't figure it out since the blue team will protect them at all costs.
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    Because you're focking retarded? Summer is over when the kids go back to school.
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    Well yes... but it's the comedy of White House: "No we're not corrupt, we're just incompetent" Americans: "We think you're corrupt as well" Libs: "Until the incompetent side nails down the corruption, there is no evidence of wrongdoing"
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    To be fair Trump had toothless losers attacking the Capitol so prolly best to hold your what ifs
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    I called you dumb because of your suggestion that it was a Conservative false-flag account.
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    Going dark... I wish I would've listened to justin
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    Well, call me crazy, but you said Biden is old and so is Trump. Forgive me for thinking you were comparing the two. There’s old and pathetic- Biden, and there’s old and sharp- Trump. Everyone can see it.
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    You and your side LITERALLY lost your bacon when Trump looked right instead of left but cocaine in the WH with Biden? Nah, nothing to be outraged about. . You guys also went apeshiat when you thought Trump couldn't drink a bottle of water properly. GTFO
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    Well, I know how to read numbers/stats and what they mean, which is pretty plain here, Biden's administration is doing a better job of stopping fentanyl from entering the country.
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    Hey retard, the trials were all rigged scams. You are just way too stupid to figure that out. The fact that the 'vaccine' which vaccine, by definition PREVENTS infection (before they modified it trying to fit this disaster jab...which it still didn't), did NOT stop infection, means that it was ZERO % effective. It did nothing for ANYONE but it has killed 10s of 1000s, you stupid pile of sh1t. Its comical how completely wrong you have been on everything you claimed. You and your buddies, walensky, hotez, fauci and the rest of the conmen. They should all be executed.
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    Not true. Walensky said the vaccine was effective against the Alpha strain. They then spent months not acknowledging the fact that they knew breakthroughs happened with Alpha. She only acknowledged breakthroughs with Delta. So yeah, CDC, FDA and the president all lied to the American people and ruined their credibility, but I'm the dummy.
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    I'm not ready to attribute this to Hunter as there are countless scenarios in play. I am disappointed with the no big deal crowd though. The White house was evacuated, a hazmat team called in and illegal drugs found. This country is becoming a joke and the fact that a third of this country doesn't believe in accountability will be the downfall.
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    Couldn't imagine still showing up to this thread considering how stupid the COVID bros have looked after all this time. Stunning...
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    Thank you Bill! My shark tooth is my good luck charm! Hope all's well with you!
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    Imagine for a moment how the corrupted media would react if Trump had topless tiddies on the WH lawn and cocaine in the library.
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    No, you can continue to say all those bigoted and hateful things against LGBTQ folks as usual. You can even start another thread du jour ranting against them if you wish and there will be no legality penalty (although there could be some form of karmic retribution).
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    No, it doesn’t apply to that, nor does it apply to all the stuff the doofuses in here claim it does. They are just plain lying or else too stupid to read. If you want to be a piece of crap and call a transgender woman he instead of she? This law doesn’t do anything to you. Now, if you target that person with violence, threats, intimidation, or harassment simply because they are transgender? Now you’re violating the law. It’s very simple, but Faux News says “go to jail for using wrong pronoun“ and the smooth-brains believe it.
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    There have been numerous real-world studies showing that 2 doses (for younger and middle aged people) and 3 doses (for older people) remain effective against hospitalization and death from Covid. They were also pretty effective against infections pre-Omicron.
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    No thanks. We'll stick the real history instead of the revisionist history you're reading.
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    Today's forecast calls for partly cloudy skies with a high of 95 and a low of 72 with a 20 percent chance of afternoon showers, according to The National Weather Service, and Russia WILL nuke if that happens.