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    Before the first civil war there was a caning on the senate floor. Now a pegging
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    The absurd nature of the verdicts suggests Rudy was over the target and this is to scare people from being whistleblowers in the future. The 2024 steal is underway
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    By default there are whites only spaces because you are the majority. Most of the time you don’t even interact with us, we’re invisible to you. You don’t think about it because it’s normal.
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    Paul Pelosi in town this weekend?
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    You probably Shitt your pants when the Amazon guy comes and you don’t recognize him.
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    I disagree. Conservatives are far better at handling their emotions. Not perfect, and when they copy liberals with their antics its a sad situation... But should Trump win, oh man......all those things we have heard were wrong or criminal and such.....we get those in large doses.
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    Two boards favorite conspiracy theorist and propagandist in TDS Dozer and he has the balls to point fingers. GTFO you f'n POS.
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    No chance. You are watched intently. I'll leave you to fill in the reason.
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    This is what happens when you vote for liberals
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    Because the drug addict with a mile long rap sheet who resisted arrest and assaulted police after trying to pass counterfeit money and then died from drug-induced causes has statues put up, streets names after him and has holidays celebrating his life by idiots on the left. Rittenhouse was far more of a victim and is a far better human-being than Floyd ever was.
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    Prediction——this will get a patented meh from the @squistion
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    Serious caucusing going on there.
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    https://patriots.win/p/17rmXd1uMz The Tims weenies tingle when they smell poop.
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    Hell, he could have stepped on my blue suede shoes for 1/100th of that verdict.
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    I respect jury verdicts, because I’m an American
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    Four Seasons Landscaping way out of Rudy’s price range now. Sorry Rudy! You palled around with some dumb hombres and they left you holding the bag.
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    unbelievable they would put something like this out. A direct reflection of the current people in charge. just a repugnant video for the general population of the USA.
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    TDS victim doesn't even know what he's being a part of. There are very few if any people that are dumber than this guy.
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    Tim literally funded those acts of terrorism through his BLM donations
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    Been a long damn time since I've seen anything modestly intelligent come from your keyboard. If you think you're a patriot but support the guy who wants to suspend Posse Comitatus and fill his next administration with fellow fascists whose entire aim is to hire loyalists to find ways to circumvent established laws and norms just to get his way., you're a fuking dangerous moron. I already know you're dumb. How dangerous are you?
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    This. It's why I say that Fantasy sports is virtually all luck. You can only make a prediction based on past experience. It never takes into account human nature/impact and never takes into account weather. When I say weather, I mean historically. Sure, in this weeks Green Bay/Tampa game in Green Bay, we'll know the weather. Anyone remember what the weather was last year in their Week 3 matchup in Tampa? I don't. Willing to bet no one else does either, unless they somehow got screwed by a player in that game. Also willing to be that all these "experts" don't really track the weather either. That's why they all say, "Well, it's going to be windy in Green Bay on Sunday, so you may want to temper your expectations". They never say, "Well, last year when these two met in Tampa, there were really high winds from the coming hurricane, and everyone sucked that day, so they're all likely to suck on Sunday".
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    If, after playing this game for 24 years, I've learned anything this season more than any, it's trust your gut. I've been burned a few times this year taking expert advice which conflicted with my gut, and then I got pissed because they were wrong. Totally agree that you have to make the choices. Since about week 10 I've been using the expert's advice simply for tie-breakers when I can't make up my mind, and even then I'll go to 5 or 6 sites and figure out if there's consensus. Example this week: I like Geno against the Eagles, but most places I look have him lower than Browning. My choice and my loss if it happens.
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    Final decision comes down to me, if I lose it’s on me, not some else. I get a lot great insight from other posters and the site predictions, but I not always follow along, once again I make the final decision.