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    Well, on the bright side, you clearly didn't lose your typing mittens.
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    This. Besides Keith Urban, how many butch lesbians can Australia have, anyway?
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    Shoulda went with Help Wanted - Must Be Able To Swim
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    Why do SJWs hate dentists? They want to make teeth straight and white.
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    From now on when a libtard brings up slavery just say some people did something.
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    I said the show was going to turn to trash as soon as they announced a specific end date 2 seasons in advance and said there would only be 13 more episodes TOTAL. It was going to be rushed to tie up all these story lines. While the battle with the night king was fun (minus arya being his killer) the entire showdown should have been it's own season, culminating in that battle as a usual penultimate episode. Then, kings landing and the irn throne could have been the final season. The storyline of Jon and Dany did not get the attention it deserved. There would have been so much more discussion and so much more involved in Varys' attempt to flip to Jon. Sundays episode was probably the worst of the entire series. Important characters getting cheesy or throwaway deaths. Sad ending to a great show
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    I would give 12 year old girls a little more credit than that.
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    Trollie hates a talking head but defends an idiot congress woman from a party he claims not to support. Sad dude.
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    It makes total sense if you hate America, as the Democrats do. I mean just today on Drudge: Unemployment 49 year low, Hispanic unemployment lowest ever, women lowest since 1953. What are the Democrats talking about? Impeaching Trump. They hate America. It's a fact.
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    What do you say to a feminist with no arms or legs? Nice t1ts, biich.
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    Would be funny if someone re-opens the cafe and names it Slut Burger. Make the all-female staff dress like whores.
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    Keep in mind a 40 inch Pike is a master angler fish. I caught this beastly thing on hook with no weights. Just 2 grub worms. One yellow and one red. Shakespeare microlight rod and a Meijer reel. 20 lb braid with NO LEAD. It was like hooking Moby in a kayak on flat water. https://ibb.co/myWfK2B
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    What do you call a math class full of SJWs? Triggernometry
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    Dudes have been bagging hogs with cell phones for years. It's called Tinder.
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    Yes it was and then they released the video of the brothers buying the workout supplies and supliments
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    I was trying to be the first person to reveal the story. I had to search for this thread and then I quickly responded with exclamation marks, 2 in fact. I'm at work and only saw a headline. I didn't read why so I couldn't give any more expression like an emoji because I don't know why but I was shocked. I come here to be entertained not to be abused or have racist people ejaculate their hate and distrust all over me time and time again. It's not fun to constantly explain myself. You've managed to ruin my mood over this subject. I'm trying to figure out what part of this whole ridiculous situation would make me happy? Was it his high salary? I don't make lots of money. I'm not an actor not male and I'm not biracial using the pain of racism for my advantage. I feel sorry for you guys who have no black friends and are clearly isolated and bitter human beings.
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    You guys should step back and listen to yourselves. Simplified.............Trump and his campaign had a lot of contacts and dealings with Russia. They lied about them repeatedly. There is/was a ton of circumstantial evidence that needed to be fleshed out. The government investigated. Trump and his campaign were cleared of colluding with the Russians to influence the 2016 election. That's what happened.................As far as the politics of it go, of course it was weaponized and used politically. That is what both sides do 100% of the time that they have such an opportunity. Its pretty similar to what was done to Hillary in recent years (Benghazi and emails) and leading up to the 2016 election. It will continue to be done to Trump in terms of money laundering, fraud, and more I am sure. But instead of realizing that this is the current game played by both sides, you all are calling for revenge investigations into Obama, anyone involved to be sent to Gitmo, people to have their necks stretched, others just sentenced to death for treason, etc.
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    Frankly, it's time to vote with our feet. The geek club has more than 2x the number of posts the mange bored does. All year long, we're here generating ad revenue. And whichever "I'm at work" poosay reported something can go fock himself. Buy a data plan and browse here on your phone moron. Every focking site on the internet has pictures, video, all the bells and whistles. Except this dump. Bring em back mike.
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    I was told to take down my Ivanka Trump calendar. and to put my clothes back on
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    She also has Alzheimer's
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    Always wondered why she wanted me outta there by 11:30