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    His death has value, his life did not.... that is liberalism
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    @lambert58 What is the return policy on Kolten Wong? I think the one you sold me is defective.
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    @Mike Honcho should DM peenie and see if she can help you with the embarrassment
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    Well I made up for it with my first Eagle in 3 months! Wordle 696 2/6 🟩🟨🟨🟨 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 Framed #431 🟩 https://framed.wtf
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    There’s the deep state and the deeper state. And then there’s the GOP leaders - the derp state.
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    LOL Have you read the Mueller report? Do you realize Durham’s investigation that was going to expose the “crime of the century” only resulted in one guy pleading guilty of editing an email… 12 mos. probation and 400 hours of community service? Also, not an FBI agent, an FBI lawyer… just to be accurate. In the end, the results of this clown show didn’t matter. All its supporters made up their minds before it even began. Poor Trump was persecuted by the evil FBI? Well, according to this massive Durham nothingburger, nope.
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    CNN is definitely moving to the right. At their recent Trump rally they told the audience booing Trump wasn’t allowed! My guess is the ratings. Younger people don’t have cable TV, so most cable viewers are old. Older people tend to be more conservative. So they are chasing the money. Tucker Carlson’s departure was an opening for them. They even put the Trump rally during the same time slot. Notice they fired Don Lemon too? Their new ownership includes John Malone, a Cato institute member who donated $250K for Trump’s inauguration. Not exact the “liberal media” I’d say.
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    Wow! You must have learned history from the same source as HT did. You want to make equal the BLM rioters to the Nazis in Germany in the 30s? I can't believe anyone could possibly be this off-base on anything as much as this statement you have made, First of all, The Nazis took complete control of Germany in 1933 and the persecution of Jews was well underway., and Kristallnacht itself was a government. policy, not the act of a small group of angry citizens. By the time Kristallnacht occurred, Jews, who were less than 1% of the population, were not allowed to go to school with Germans, people who saw a Jewish doctor were cut off from national health care coverage, they were no longer allowed to take the Bar exam, had their citizenship stripped, they couldn't even own farms. Jewish persecution was in full gear and was being run by the German govt. Are you saying there is a Govt. run policy here to isolate and then persecute Trumpers and send them off to be exterminated? Do you even know the scope of what went down that night? Over 30,000 Jewish men were arrested and sent to prison camps, not to mention the hundreds of Synagogues that were destroyed and the thousands of Jewish businesses and homes. They were targeted for being Jewish. Were Trumpers specifically targeted? The BLM riots were terrible, there is no way to ever justify those riots, but they were caused by an angry reaction to what some people saw as another act of violence on one of their community. It was a reaction, a very misguided one, but it was completely different from what happened in Nazi Germany in the 30s. What happened in Germany was a state-run operation. For you to even compare the two would be laughable if it wasn't so sad. It's also a little scary that you can allow your partisan fervor to let you get to the point where you can compare an act that was one step in a journey that led to the extermination of millions of human beings to those BLM riots. It's pretty sick.
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    Pretty ballsy post . You walked around for years with a chubby in your pants waiting for mueller.
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    Um id be willing my tax dollars go to housing violent criminals instead of paying them to keep walking amongst me and regular people in the community. Maybe I am crazy. But hey if they promise! Was is a pinky promise? If so I am sold. You people must be terrible with kids. Hey please stop throwing a fit, ill buy you all thr flavors of ice cream and a new ps5 if you behave for the day! Please! I am the adult here but please!
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    Most of you conservatives reading this, including you Trump supporters, are not whites supremacists. You’re not racist in anyway. So why does this rhetoric bother you so much? It’s because, in the last few years, you’ve aligned yourselves with these folks: the bigots, the haters, the crazy folks who want to commit violence. And you’re ashamed of it.
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    Criminals != Terrorists. HTH. Nice try trying to deflect on the obvious racism.
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    Greatest terrorist threat. It’s not. So he lies in order to divide. It’s pretty straight forward. You’re doing your strawman thing again.
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    You’re such a good person. This place doesn’t deserve you.
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    DERP STATE! Lost the key witness! You can’t say that out loud.
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    Don’t expect dog cows to counter any of those facts. Facts ain’t his thing. The best he could come up with to defend the FBI is “mistakes”. The rest is just just TDS masked as spurious justification.
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    Unfortunately not. I have been going back and forth with him for years over at FBG's and he's been just as much of a wackadoodle over there as he is here.
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    She actually tells everyone listening to send sh!t to Miller Lite. I wonder how many packages Miller Lite headquarters will receive of actual human feces. Billy Madison will be there in person at their front door I'm sure.
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    The funniest thing to me is how they try to reframe fascism and Nazis as left-wing ideologies.
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    This topic is a particular nit to me because I've long stated that the White Left Elite's insidious racism using the soft bigotry of low expectations is far more dangerous than Cletus in the swamp hating black folk. This speech is a (unfortunately) great example of it. Pretty much all equity-driven initiatives (not equality) are based in this racism. Catch and release of black criminals. Even the way they talk to black people -- it has been shown that such elites dumb their speech down to black people.