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How can you not root for Tim Tebow?

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1 minute ago, TimmySmith said:

Certainly...but what then, is the measure of a QB? 

How often he can win despite how poorly his defense plays.  How well he plays continuously.  How well he plays over all.

To me, it's hard to make an argument in favor of guy, among this criteria, when he has a .500 winning %.

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23 hours ago, edjr said:

Is that what you heard on ESPN?  

Tewbow had a career 75.3 passer rating.  

Steve Bono    75.3
Scott Mitchell    75.3
Ken Stabler+    75.3
Tim Couch    75.1
Norm Van Brocklin+    75.1
Sid Luckman+    75
Vinny Testaverde    75
David Carr    74.9
Chris Miller    74.9
Don Meredith    74.8
Brian Sipe    74.8
Jake Plummer    74.6
Roman Gabriel    74.3
Y.A. Tittle+    74.3
Steve DeBerg    74.2
Gus Frerotte    74.2
Earl Morrall    74.1
Kerry Collins    73.8
Frankie Albert    73.5
Craig Morton    73.5
Rodney Peete    73.3
Mark Sanchez    73.2
Daryle Lamonica    72.9
Greg Landry    72.9
Don Majkowski    72.9
Ron Jaworski    72.8
Tommy Kramer    72.8
Tony Banks    72.4
Bubby Brister    72.3
John Brodie    72.3
Sammy Baugh+    72.2
Milt Plum    72.2
Billy Wade    72.2
Jay Schroeder    71.7
Billy Kilmer    71.6
Bill Munson    71.5
Rex Grossman    71.4
Terry Bradshaw+    70.9
Lynn Dickey    70.9
Kordell Stewart    70.7

No... that's what I watched, in person, at training camp. Dude missed 6, five yard out routes with no coverage, IN A ROW.

I knew right then Josh Mcdumbass had up. 

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13 hours ago, Patriotsfatboy1 said:

Tebow pulls the plug on his baseball career.

Makes it easier for me to root for him TBH

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