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    People don't think that. They however do think that others shouldn't be disliked because of their skin color.
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    Why do people ask leading questions based on straw man arguments?
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    What an odd and vague retort. I get along with plenty of people I disagree with on certain issues. But I respect them, even if I disagree. I actually love good, intelligent and respectful banter. That is not you. Your handle is very apropos. You take every issue straight to the gutter. Discussing topics with you is like wrestling with a pig, we’re both getting dirty but only one of us likes it.
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    There is no coincidence this happens here lately with the influx of refugees. Some of those guys have a history
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    The threads are mostly those mucked up by liberal hate filled posters.
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    Seems as if there's a very small, almost dwarf-like, subset of toxic posters here that are much more prone to having their threads locked or deleted. Probably because they are incapable of actual discussion and are slaves to their own idiocy.
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    If you think showing a Palestinian woman who has lost her family equals support for Hamas then you’re part of the problem. And you’re disgusting and vile. But I already knew all three points.
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    MSNBC just showed a Palestinian woman, returning to a shelter that got hit by a bomb. Her entire family is dead: two daughters (one of them 4 years old), two sisters, her parents, her husband. She was screaming in agony. I can’t justify this. Sorry. Maybe she’s a Hamas lover, I don’t care. Maybe it makes me a weak supporter of Israel. I don’t care. This is wrong. That’s all. It’s wrong.
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    Squition isnt going to be happy about this
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    I remember when you said the same thing about your racist posts, and then it took someone 5 minutes to find one, and you had to apologize for it. IOW, you lie about your posting history. Why should anyone believe you?
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    We’ve never met, I can only go by your posting history, therefore I stand by that post. Even though I don’t remember it. If I’m wrong, and I hope I was, I’m sorry. However I’m just calling balls and strikes. When you constantly side with terrorists and child predators you put us in a tough position.
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    No it’s not widespread. It’s not at all. First off I don’t regard the BBC as part of the MSM. I was referring to the American MSM. But even if the BBC was part of it, the fact that they suspended the journalists involved proves that they aren’t sympathetic to Hamas either. If they were sympathetic the journalists would have been rewarded rather than suspended. You know who was sympathetic to Hamas prior to this incident? The Jerusalem Post, the largest newspaper in Israel. And Netanyahu who gave them aid.
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    Something something metal helmets.
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    I merely floated the possibility that Robinson might not be the total workhorse back in Atlanta, and every week you're paying for you being an ass - and being dumb and petty - about that comment instead of having a level-headed discussion. You made your bed. I'm sure my cack-whapping on your face aggravates your skin condition, but it is what it is. Whap whap whap whap ...
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    It makes people feel like they're doing something It brings awareness and humanization to the victims Now what is the purpose of tearing them down? And what is the purpose of you making sure to minimize it?
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    My side makes skin color an issue because of 400 years of oppression, slavery, genocide, mistreatment, and racism which continues to this very day. All we do is try to to give these people help to have equal opportunity- which they still don’t even without the help- but you guys can’t handle that.
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    Your side made skin color an issue, dummy. Why are your panties in a bunch now that we're playing by your rules?
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    Not even a little bit. Bears D won that game. Bagent's 5.6 yards a completion won't scare anyone...
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    I wonder if there were any East German citizens who died in WW2? Can't support attacking nazi Germany I guess.
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    idk or care why this thread was bumped but the tipping stuff is an issue. Tipping should be reserved for delivery, sit down dining and your bartender. Took 2 trips to Spain this year and the culture there is so different. Tipping is not a thing. You tap your card, they give you your receipt, the end. Nothing to sign, no place to even leave a tip. and most places are actually insulted if you leave a cash tip on the table. And yet all the employees are happier than their American counterparts.
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    I never said Biden didn’t win. Yet look how triggered the woketards get. You know what can be true? Biden didn’t get 81 million votes (that did not happen), but he still got enough to win. If I put a gun to the head of all of you focksticks and said do or die, Biden got 81 million votes, almost none of you would say yes. And the few idiots that did say yes would have their shitt for brains on their lap.