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    Sandmann was probably innocent but he had that annoying smirk and a punchable face. Plus wasn’t he decked out in MAGA gear? That makes him a jerk already. Rittenhouse is a punk and probably a white supramacist. He’s probably innocent too (we’ll never know for sure) but what an a$$hole for even being there. Such a little or!ck and you guys worship him. Pathetic. And this latest kid, wearing red paint which is horribly racist and you defend him? Fock him.
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    Everyone deserves the woke treatment. Because it means that everyone gets treated with dignity and respect. That’s what woke is all about.
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    Imagine what kind of no-life, race-baiting, loser you'd have to be to pick on a little kid for supporting his favorite team. The woke are a bunch of thin-skinned poosays.
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    One is the house minority leader. IOW, if the Dems had the house he would almost definitely be speaker. And the sad thing is that you're equating divorce to terrorism and the cold blooded murder of an entire religion. You're such a peach!!!
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    Why do you think being gay and being afraid to come out is so funny or somehow an insult? Check your homophobia.
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    Hakeem Jeffries wants to kill all Jews? Just shut the fock up. Showing off for everyone to see what an idiot you’re being.
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    someone should be blamed in divorce, I am against no fault divorce, if someone breaks marriage vows it should void the contract
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    Oh yeah, Hakeem Jeffries is a confirmed anti-Semite.
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    Democrats are taking away your gas stoves. But not theirs.
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    I have no one going tonight so updating sides now. bostonlager vs Bier - Best record head to head week 1-14 --- $25 (tiebreaker is head to head matchups) Bier -7 lager - 5 bostonlager vs Alias Detective $25 each week high score head to head for weeks 1-14 AD - 5 lager - 7
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    Not really. It exposed black whining and fragility to the point where you guys now think YOU discovered, created and built everything and losing your shiat every time someone looks at you cross-eyed. News Flash: You didn't. The world you live in today - the comfort, technology and freedoms mostly came from The White Man™. Without all of that, most countries would still be living in mud huts and using bows and arrows. Those cultures hardly advanced at all, which is why they were so easily defeated and/or taken over. It's the way of the world, darling. It's been that way long before The White Man™ came along. And the only reason YOU have a voice today is because of The White Man™. We fought a Civil War over it, remember? Or maybe you can't remember because you're too busy crying over today's fake outrages and trying to take credit for someone else's accomplishments. I would also like to point out that YOU wouldn't have had a voice in Africa - especially as a woman - with the warlords and black slavers running around trying to take money, power and territory from rival tribes. Women weren't treated better in Africa back in the day and, in fact, continuing thru to today. I would rather you just said "thank you" and went on your way to try and create and build your own things with the freedoms you have today. Move forward and stop looking back otherwise you'll continue to be where you are now - stuck in the past.
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    "Women should not be allowed to vote" I'll vote for that guy
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    imagine if he weren’t white
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    Yep. Peenie wants to think slavery was invented when the pilgrims arrived in the new World. Prior to that, slavery never existed. It's all part of that revisionist history they're trying to push on everyone.
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    Every single race or religion has been enslaved or persecuted at some point, some place on earth in the past 2500 years. Your constant whining is tiresome. GFY.
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    For decades female police officers for the most part have been able to be hidden or work with male partners. Well, they can’t hide them anymore. There are just too many of them. Lowering standards in the quest for diversity is showing the expected results.
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    Gave blood today. Yep it's still the last question they ask. Goes like this exactly, including all caps & bolded. Have you EVER been vaccinated for covid-19. Now if it was even remotely as safe as they have claimed, there would be ZERO reason to ever ask such a question. There is no better proof that this garbage is deadly than asking if your blood is tainted with this sh1t.
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    Normal parent: I don’t want other adults talking to my kid about sex. I’ll speak to them about it Libtard: You’re a homophobe.
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    By legal definition, yes. A young child cannot legally be talked into having sex. But I assumed you weren’t referring to molesters; I figured you were referring to gays and transgenders. So let me assert again: a young person, or teenager, or adult, cannot be talked into becoming gay. Ever. A young person, or teenager, or adult cannot be talked into becoming trans. Ever. Once you accept the truth of this, you’ll realize how much hate filled nonsense and lies are currently being spread by conservatives on this issue.