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    Came the closest to 100 without going over
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    werent you one of the people criticizing me last year at this time when everyone said Jacobs is an RB3 and I said you draft as a low end RB 2 but hes going to be an RB1? remember that conversation. I know this guy. hes still an RB1. yes the QB is maybe not as good as Carr, but he also knows the offensive system from his days with the Pats. I think the QB transition will be mostly seamless. more risk of injury for Jimmy G I'll admit. but I think Jacobs will be fine. he wont lead the league in rushing like last year but he will be pretty good.
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    There were 48 identified neo nazi groups in the US when Biden took office. There are currently 48 identified neo nazi groups in the US. But let’s go after parents at school board meetings. Biden is worse that Bush as it concerns civil rights and the weaponization of federal law enforcement.
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    Sorry I didn't respond to this earlier, I haven't checked in here in awhile. The June analysis is annually done by Fumbleweed and he doesn't participate in the July mock. The last few years there has been an article posted on the site with a "top ten things I noticed" theme, but it looks like that didn't happen this year. I think, since the original purpose of the mock I believe was to provide a source to site visitors to get an idea of what a draft might look like and the reasons behind the picks, your post drawing attention to it is a good idea.
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    Yeah, if someone's kid was murdered by someone who liked the kid, that would be so much easier to accept as a parent than if their kid was murdered because someone hated him. How much more stupid can you liberals be?
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    You and Chris Buescher!
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    Congrats, ya transveggimiteburger
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    Thank god for the Hans device & safer barrier. The way Blaney hit that wall looked like the way Dale went into it.
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    No deaths and all victims have non-life threatening injuries. That’s why it’s not news. Cool whataboutism though
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    Careful boyo. You can’t use gay comments or your teammates may ban you again. They are very sensitive.
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    Whatever you think of Rusty, he provided the truth about the story you questioned, How does that crow taste?
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    Because that's what is important. Not exploring the galaxy but checking race boxes.
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    If you had to live with you, you'd get fed up too.
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    Yea, the crushed economy, tens of millions jobless, negative GDP, and negative price for a barrel of oil agree boyo. Try to be less stupid boyo.
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    https://www.reuters.com/world/europe/russia-says-destroys-42-ukraine-launched-drones-over-crimea-2023-08-25/ 1.) Ukraine fired ONE missile. 2.) Russia shot down the missile before it hit Moscow. 3.) Moscow is not burning. 4.) If Ukraine had the ability to turn Moscow into rubble, Russia likely wouldn't have invaded Ukraine in the first place. One missile isn't going to set Moscow on fire and turn it into rubble. 5.) Another classic example of you hypercatastrophizing something and finding a way to work in the nuke angle, although I'm surprised you had enough restraint to wait until the third sentece. 6.) Biden isn't going anywhere, and his removal wouldn't change anything over there. 7.)
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    G0ddamn did God smite his ass! To be honest I didn't realize he wasn't already dead. RIP
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    Who the hell is Bob Baker? Did wiff steal cmh's login?
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    Also I think saying they earned “many millions of dollars” off of using their association with him could be a stretch now that we know they apparently only got about $400k between the 4 of them from the movie directly. I guess depends on your definition of “many,” I’d believe like 5-10 maybe. However Michael himself got over $30 million from his NFL contracts. Did the Tuohys get a cut of that? I could see him being upset if they did but he didn’t get a cut of anything else they did using his name.
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    I already answered your question. If Hunter Biden did something illegal, prosecute him. If Joe Biden was involved to a criminal extent, prosecute him too. Hell, throw Jill into the hopper as well. IDGAF
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    Certainly wasnt due to steroid use. RIP to a great wrassler.
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    In his first memoir, Oher admits he knew he was in a conservatorship and was not adopted.
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    probably should have created the thread in july for people to look at and discuss. people can be lazy if its not in front of them also we are getting closer to draft day so now people are starting to look at this stuff a little more. either way, there are enough replies that obviously some people seem to be enjoying this even if you are not.
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    You are trying so hard to get around you saying OK to grooming. It's not the 18 year old deciding at 18 to date a teacher that is the grooming, it's the teacher interacting with the student while they were underage that helped the 18 think it's ok to date their teacher when they turned 18. You know, the grooming.