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    Naomi, dont go all liberal doush on us its a fricken joke its not just daughters or wives its any time you mention a woman. This is one of the last "locker rooms" allowed on earth, please leave us real guys alone
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    I have no problem with actually having a civil discussion. But when you act like that retard did and how most liberals do then there’s no talking to them. They just need their asses whooped a couple of times and they will stop
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    I guess I'm pretty "old fashioned" but I'm definitely disturbed by men sharing the can sizes of their family members for other men, especially when it's their daughters. My automatic reaction is "what a POS" but to be fair, for those of you that do it, do you think your can-outed family members wouldn't really care? They wouldn't be surprised/they wouldn't find it weird?
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    I think that is at the heart of a lot of sexism and racism claims. People mistake being so socially awkward, dumb, oblivious, an asshòle for sexism and racism because they got offended. Most people don't give two shìts about the other person or their category. They're worried what they're going to do in the next hour.
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    Sounds like someone butthurt over her tiny cans to me.
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    She said the suggestion alarmed then-national security adviser John Bolton, who “immediately stiffened” and ended the meeting. Separately, Top White House expert on Ukraine Alexander Vindman testified that EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland characterized the request for investigations by Ukraine — or a “deliverable” — as coordinated with Mulvaney, according to the transcript of his testimony released today. 1. It's okay for the president of the United States to work with our allies to look into corruption. 2. Biden is NOT a political rival to Trump. He holds no office and is not the Democrats nominee. He's just a guy. 3. There is absolutely zero proof of quid pro quo. The only evidence put forth by democRATs are people who read a NYT article and make-believe intent.
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    Impressive. I'm impressed!
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    Newbomb Turk‏ @mindspin412 18h18 hours ago More Replying to @Ketflix_Pills Definitely wasn’t Baker Mayfield throwing that Hahahaha.
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    If you don't have anyone you want to drop, I agree that it is fine to field an incomplete lineup. For $5 I think it is kinda bush to not pick someone up, and I think nzoner made the right call. The only way to prevent this IMO is to have a financial penalty for an incomplete lineup, say $15 in this case? Then you have a choice; if you want that bench fodder in week 10 so badly, pay up.
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    Your team, your money, do what you want as long as theres no obvious collusion
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    I can kinda see it both ways. I hate to be in a league where someone is already out of it so they stop trying. At least have some self-respect and try to be a spoiler. In your case though, if nobody as good or better is available on the waiver and you don't have a player you are willing to drop I would prolly do the same thing as you.
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    And I thought this was going to be a Steve Martin/Jerk thread.
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    On a cold and gray Chicago mornin' A poor little baby child is born
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    Then Axe Elf goes on to dismiss and reject the plays submitted by everyone else as the smartest plays, only because they aren't Axe Elf's suggestion. But as it turns out Axe Elf banked his assertions of superiority on a play that wasn't the original version. The rest of the board cannot be held accountable for Axe Elf's research shortcomings, faulty logic, or extremely over inflated sense of ego. But again, thanks for playing.
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    So, I think we can settle this once and for all. Since you posted the video of Ty Montgomery doing the out of bounds play, which occurred in 2016...and since LoOnAtIk posted the video with Randall Cobb doing the same thing, 4 years before in 2012 AND pointed out that it had been done before, it's pretty clear. The play by Randall Cobb is clearly the smarter one because it is the original one. It also essentially proves that since your opinion of the "smartest play in NFL history" is based on something that is completely unoriginal, then everyone who submitted something different is correct that their submission is "smarter" than yours because at least they knew enough not to post a copy of the Mona Lisa and try to play it off as the original. Thanks for playing though... AEIAFP
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    I'm starting him in 2 leagues. I don't see how anyone that has him could not play him. He is the clear #1 and is going to get most of the work. People are way overthinking this.
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    Well, you're wrong about "your," so who knows what else...
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    Obviously the smartest play ever was when Brady tucked the ball against the Raiders. Brady knew that if he threw the ball it was a for sure pick, so he decided to tuck the ball for an incompletion.
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    Yeah, hard to believe huh?
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    Its more like he's the guy in his league who passed on Chubb on draft today, because he worried what would happen when Hunt came back. Then he watched as Chubb became the 5th leading rusher at 5.2 yards a carry, when 3 of the guys ahead of him have played an extra game. So he overcompensated his mistake by telling everyone the sky was going to fall and all Chubb owners should sell for 50 cents on the dollar before he was only worth a quarter. He then appropriated Roto blurb opinions in place of evidence to support his desperate argument. So probably something like that....
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    Yup, it's fake, even though she's sitting there laying it all out. On the other hand, Russiagate, Quidproquogate, and Balsey-Ford can be believed without any evidence. Fukking retards.